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    PS3 Square Button PS3 Firmware v1.54 released!

    Update #2: Today release group Caravan released Gundam_Musou_JPN_PS3-Caravan and the NFO File includes the following message:
    PS3iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! !!!!!!
    is SONY safe?
    Could this perhaps be a hint as to the name of an upcoming PS3 iSO Launcher, or just another red herring? :?? Feel free to join in the discussion in our Name to PS3 iSO Launcher? Forum thread!

    Also, for X-Box 360 fans you may want to check out the Hello World...Xbox 360! Forum thread which includes an X-Box 360 Serial Port Loader and more details- nice news indeed!

    Update: The PS3 Firmware v1.54 (USA) is now available for download, and listed changes include: [Screen Mode] has been added as an option in the options menu for video chat. The image of the person you are chatting with during video chat can now be changed to match the screen size, and You can now use a compatible USB camera compliant with USB video class (UVC) for video chat.

    Although no specific information is available (yet) on it, according to our NEW PS3 Firmware 1.54 Forum thread those who have connected are now being prompted to update to PS3 v1.54 Firmware. It's very likely by later today the official $ony Web site will also be updated with it as well. More to come soon... and no, we wouldn't recommend updating to v1.54 as it's likely even more secure than previous revisions (meaning you could be waiting that much longer for a PS3 iSO Loader, if the first one to come only supports lower Firmware versions).

    Props to boss1337 and Stuntman667 for the initial news, and to everyone who confirmed it as well!

    In Nintendo Wii news today, SSX_Blur_NTSC_USA_Wii-VORTEX was released. Also, if you haven't done so already be sure to drop by it's our repository for current Wii mod-chips, specs, diagrams, hexcodes, and is updated almost daily!

    PSP Files: spIDENT v0.1 For PSP, RCO Icon Editor v1.10 For PSP, PSPYape (Commodore Plus/4 Emulator) v1.0.3 For PSP, PSPSIM: SAM Coupe Emulator v1.0.4 For PSP, Universal XMB For PSP, Custom XMB Ym92 Mod For PSP, PSP WiFile Transfer v1.0a For OE For PSP, and PSPBeeb (BBC Micro Emulator) v1.0.8 For PSP.
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