Update: The official changelog for the US version 1.31 is now available HERE for those interested.

PS3 Firmware Version v1.31 was released today, including updates to the Backwards Compatability system, as well as Playstation 2 Hard Disk Drive support for select games. The Playstation 2 System Files are downloaded from the official Playstation store, and installed onto the PS3. The official changelog will be posted shortly, as well as list of compatable hard drive games, mainly Final Fantasy XI, however if this is a Japan only update, it will leave North American users wanting! Feel free to discuss this news in our PS3 Chat Forum, and more soon on it!

Some PSP releases today: Jeanne D'Arc (JAP) 365MB PSP RipKit, Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 (USA) 631MB + 423MB PSP RipKit Mods, WWE SmackDown Vs Raw 2007 (USA) 781MB + 570MB PSP RipKit And Season Mode + Entrances Fix, DevHook v0.51.0100 Easy Install And Button Swap Mod 2.71SE Fix For PSP, and DevHook v0.51.0100 Italian Mod v0.07 For PSP.