Update: CJPC has confirmed for us that v1.30 does still allow you to dump PS3 iSO images perfectly fine! Nice news indeed, and be sure to drop by iRC EFnet #PS3News for the latest PS3 news and dump release info!

The scene gets a double-whammie today, with BOTH an update to PS3 and PSP Firmware available!

The PS3 Firmware Update v1.30 is now available via Network Update, and according to discussion thus far in our PS3 Update 1.30 Released! Forum thread it appears to include security enhancement, sound feature changes, a 1080i scaling issue fix, ability to register the Bluetooth BD Remote, and a back-up utility to preserve HDD data to other drives or MemoryCards and restore them as well. Now, the PS3 v1.30 (USA) Firmware Update is available, and the official v1.30 changelog is now available HERE which includes the previously mentioned features and more!

The PSP v3.02 (USA) Firmware Update and PSP v3.02 (JAP) Firmware Update are also now available for examination, is confirmed working with DevHook v0.51 (using the recently released PSAR Dumpers), and the only noteable change listed is: - Revisions to strengthen security have been added. Those interested can discuss this news further in our ongoing PSP 3.02 update available now! Forum thread, and for the complete official v3.02 changelog see HERE! 2

In other PSP news today, the following new files are available: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (USA) 890MB + 751MB PSP RipKit, Brothers In Arms: D-Day (USA) 993MB + 813MB PSP RipKit, Brothers In Arms: D-Day (USA) 713MB + 534MB PSP RipKit, DevHook v3.02 Firmware Installer v0.1b For PSP, DevHook v0.51 AutoBoot 2.71-3.02 FW Mod For 2.71 SE For PSP, DevHook v0.51 Menu Mod r1 For PSP 3.02 Firmware, 3.01 Firmware Installer Mod For PSP, DevHook v0.51 FW 3.02 Mod And Installer For PSP, DevHook v0.51 Menu Mod For PSP 3.02, GameShareLoader v0.02 For PSP 2.50-2.80, USB Mod v3 For SEC For PSP, 2.71 Kernel AutoBoot Plug-In PRX Mod v0.2 For 2.71 SE-C For PSP, Yet Another OC Mod r2 For SE-B For PSP, gpSP v0.8 BETA KAI 2.5 For PSP, Capcom CPS1 Emulator v1.30 For PSP, PSP UAE v0.62 For PSP, Capcom CPS2 Emulator v1.30 For PSP, and MVSPSP v1.30 For PSP!