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Thread: PS3 Firmware Update v3.55 Arrives, Adds Security Patch

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    thebomb5 Guest

    Organized Scene = Failing Sony

    Yeah I think some people in this post are right.. Build a section for the Dev's where only the Devs who have proven themselves to the community and is well respected by the community a VID ("very important developer").. If an upcoming Dev or a None VIP developer wants to share some information that might be useful to the scene it should be sent to one of the VIP Devs or or a private section of the website only reserved for the Admins and Mods where that info can be transferred to one of the main Devs.

    The Apple Dev Team is very successful with there work because not every single piece of information/ exploit they acquire is released to the public for everyone to see, when they find something new they keep it on hold until they find a use for it and that has proven to work miracles!! The best way to fight these patches is to organize the scene.. the more organized the scene is and the more tricks we have up our sleeved the harder it will be for Sony to keep up with us.

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    computers6 Guest
    Why must sony patch after every security flaws. Can't they just let us enjoy our homebrew!

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    linomatrix Guest
    Hi guys, i've bypassed the check fw with dsn alternative but it doesen't work with 3.41 fw, only 3.50... Bye bye.

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    semitope Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by computers6 View Post
    Why must sony patch after every security flaws. Can't they just let us enjoy our homebrew!
    They have to do it to stop you going on psn. They can't really stop you jailbreaking a lower version firmware so its not a big deal. I kinda do agree with stopping jailbreaks from being used online since some hacking could result and it IS a bit iffy to get to play online with a pirated game.

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    JiNYx007 Guest
    Stopping people from getting on PSN i understand but the whole thing with this update is it blocks people from downgrading to a firmware that can't even get on PSN hacked or not. They really just dont want people messing with their product and after being the console that was unhackable for quite sometime they're just trying to keep a good image.

    I have a PSN PS3 and a jailbreak. If I really want to play a game online I will buy it. I have Black Ops and GT5 both worth a purchase. Everything else I dont care about.

    Also as a side note I have set up my own dns on my vps to bypass the update until its patched. Hate having to turn my computer on to get online. If anyone wants it let me know. Do a whois or whatever I don't care.

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    ph4rcyd3 Guest


    Just a note: I tried to connect my "No-Brand" generic PC Joypad to the PS3, just to test it and it worked. I thought that sony patched the firmware to not accept that kind of hardware, only the licensed ones. Can anybody perform some tests with non-licensed hardware and report back, please? Thanks.


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    qualia Guest
    I have a couple of "off-brand" controllers that do work on 3.50 (haven't updated to 3.55). And I'm seeing that now, some off-brand hardware is making note of it being 3.50 compatible or not in the description.

    So, yes, it's possible, like you noticed. How "new" the accessory must be (i.e., specially updated for 3.50+), I don't know.

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    flashpc Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Download: PS3 Firmware Update v3.55 (US) / PS3 Firmware Update v3.55 (EU)
    What is the difference, aren't they both the same, I'm sure someone said that the PS3 firmware updates are not region specific, and so a PAL unit can be updated with the firmware from sony's US site

    Please correct me if I'm wrong

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I use the USA Firmware from here on my EU unit. Every works fine. No problems everywhere.

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