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Thread: PS3 Firmware Update to Enable PS Vita Remote Play on All Games

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    PS3 Firmware Update to Enable PS Vita Remote Play on All Games

    Previously we reported on a leaked document revealing PS3-Vita connectivity followed by some PS Vita PS3 Remote Play demo videos from TGS 2011, and today Eurogamer (linked above) reports that a PS3 Firmware update will enable PlayStation Vita Remote Play on all games.

    To quote: "A future PlayStation 3 Firmware update will enable Vita Remote Play on all games, Eurogamer has learnt. However, this will be only at the PlayStation Portable 480x272 resolution, which will be upscaled to fill the screen.

    For future games, developers will be able to include Vita specific 480p modes, Eurogamer understands. Vita's OLED display is actually capable of displaying games at 960x544 pixel resolution.

    Vita Remote Play is how Sony's new handheld interacts with the PS3.

    In a Tokyo Game Show demonstration Sony's Shuhei Yoshida played a brief section of Killzone 3 streamed into the device from a PlayStation 3 unit, noting how a few of the Dual Shock buttons missing on the Vita are mapped to the touchscreen.

    Vita can also be used in co-operative play with PS3 games. While a colleague played through a specially constructed LittleBigPlanet 2 level with a Dual Shock controller, Yoshida controlled an aeroplane via the Vita's touch screen, helping Sackboy reach his goal by altering the environment.

    Sony declined to comment when contacted by Eurogamer."

    Finally, below is a video demonstrating the PlayStation Vita user interface.

    [imglink=|PS3 Firmware Update to Enable PS Vita Remote Play on All Games][/imglink]
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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    We all expected this. Honestly it would just make Sony look horrible if they stinged out on such a basic feature.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    They said about the same thing when the PSP and remote play but it went nowhere. I doubt it'll be as good as they hype here.

    All $ony do is hype it up before launch then remove features so I doubt it'll be good enough to play all PS3 games.

    And whats with the low res? Most phones these days are better.

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    daveribz Guest
    Yeah, but this time PSVita wears dual analog sticks.

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    Foo Guest
    Here's what I got, "PS3 Firmware 4.0" Great more idiotic updates. >.>

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by daveribz View Post
    Yeah, but this time PSVita wears dual analog sticks.
    The PSP GO can connect a PS3 controller so you've got all the buttons and analog sticks and it still can only play about 3 remote play games. And YES both analog sticks work. Try resistance on PSP with a controller, both sticks work on that.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by spunkybunny View Post
    And whats with the low res? Most phones these days are better.
    960x544 is as good as we could expect for it. So long as it has even minimal anti aliasing (say 4x MSAA) it will look just fine. What I fear is that they'll internally stretch the games up to 960x544 from a crappy resolution due to a lack of proper coding and processing power, like how they used 960x540 stretched to 1280x720 on the PS3 and 360... and left it with zero AA and vsync. I suppose it would be wishful thinking to hope that it will run games at 60+ fps when it's predecessors were 30-.

    I don't even want to remember the examples of "1080p"... like Gran Turismo 5, 1280x1080 stretched to 1920x1080. Someone deserved to be Falcon Punched for that one.

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    Foo Guest
    It only stretched if you had normal DVI cables. HDMI looks sexy. But if they mess this up imma be pissed!

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    What you just wrote doesn't make any sense. The stretching has absolutely nothing to do with the cable. It's stretched out because the original resolution is low. I have no idea what sort of thoughts you had that led you to the conclusion that those are somehow related. The resolution often claimed is 1280x720, in reality it is often 960x540 or 1024x576 and what is output is 1280x720, the image is just directly stretched out to 720p making for an inferior picture.

    As in if you wanted to set the picture to 1:1 you would still get 960x540 displayed as 1280x720, as I said the stretching is internally done. On the note of DVI, a single link DVI cable can output at least 2048x1152, that's my resolution and I use a single link cable. A dual link can output at least 3840x2400.

    No PS3 that I know of even uses a DVI cable, only the 360 has a DVI port (or at least some models).

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    Natepig Guest
    I've never seen the appeal of remote play for games, if you have a Ps3 then why would you want to stream scaled down graphics to your PsVita. Remote play is great for streaming music to psp from the ps3's much larger storage, so I guess it will be just as good on the PsVitsa.

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