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Thread: PS3 Firmware Update to Enable PS Vita Remote Play on All Games

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    spunkybunny Guest
    This is another reason to jailbreak your PS3 and install CFW as you can tell ALL your games to run via remote play and they do. Yea, you miss out on a few buttons and a 2nd analog stick but for some games it doesn't matter and they are very playable.

    This is 1 reason why I don't understand why Sony do what they do? All games can be remote played on the PSP so why won't they enable it on the Vita?

    Its just like everything these days. The big companies bring out devices then hold them back from their full potential. Not sure why. PSP can play PS3 game via remote play, the iPhones can use Siri but only the iPhone 4S is allowed, iPad 3G can send and receive SMS/MMS but Apple refuse to let it. No wonder people jailbreak their devices to use them the way they should be used.

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    NTA Guest
    Would be interesting if the PS Vita led to a jailbreak for the PS3. Sony would have to be in a frenzy lol. You never know

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    spunkybunny Guest
    I hope the Vita gets hacked in the first month. That would be awesome but I doubt it. Well it probably will but I doubt the devs who do it will release it as they will probably be the PS3 devs doing it and they are pricks.

    Oh, I can see the future. 1 week after the Vita is released there is a tweet from Math "I've hacked the Vita and it can play backups but I'm not releasing it"

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    NTA Guest
    LOL. GH mentioned that he would go for Sony's Xperia Play when it was released but then Sony got involved.

    But yeah I'm hoping for the same thing. It might not be likely but I still want to get one early so if there isn't a universal downgrader ready yet, I'll still be at early firmware so I'll be fine

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    Natepig Guest
    Remote play on the PsP is terrible. While its true that you can enable all 3.55 and below games to be remote play via a cfw ps3, the reality is almost all the games are unplayable because of the power restrictions of the PsP.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Its got nothing to do with the power of the PSP. Remote Play is just a streaming service. The PS3 is still playing the game its just streaming the video and audio to the PSP so it doesn't really need much power as its all done on the PS3.

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    Natepig Guest
    This I know... when I said power it was a blanket term for the PsP's capabilties, which includes the wlan. Whichever way you want to look at it though playing games with remote play is not viable in all but a few cases.

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    This is bs, we need to know! This could be a deal maker for me if it does it correctly.

    Not only do we need to know if all games are compatible, but can we play remote play via 3G? Is it as smooth over network as it is for when you're right next to the PS3/got the cable hooked up?

    You're dumb, it's more that the device needs to be technically able to run (stream) the games WELL. Doesn't matter if we force it to be done or not, the PSP can hardly run any forced PS3 games at a playable speed.

    Plus the Vita's remote play system is different, who knows if it'll be exploitable anyway.

    Personally, I'd want to play post 3.55 games via remote play such as GTA5, I'm sure the average PS3 user also has a 3.70 console rather than a jailbroken one too.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    no chance of remote play over 3G, it's nowhere near fast enough.

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    TheBookie Guest
    So... Which PS3 games do work??

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