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    Yea but they only can fix Software related holes. Hardware holes they cant fix. Just try to change the software in hope that it also will make the hardware "In-Door" unusable.

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    improves stability. defo not needed as mine is sitting as steady as a rock on the tv unit. hahaha

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    Hmm... Year with the most software updates on PS3. 2011.

    Ok, now I have something serious... I cannot update via USB to 3.73. It let me update via Internet, but not via USB. I've got a video if anyone wants to see..

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    Well, they said they deactivated the "update via USB" feature back in 3.XX but i still don't understand...

    However, you should still be able to update via USB devices (i'm using my 120GB iPod Classic to update since its HDD to HDD = fast transfer lol)

    if you still can't try in the PS3's Safe Mode (press and hold the power button + Eject button *power, then eject.. not both at the same time* and wait for the first beep.. then the 2nd and let go of the buttons... it should boot into this:

    PS3 Firmware Update 3.73 is Now Released, Improves Stability-recoverymenu-png

    now use the System Update option..

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    They did? WTF? I remember updating to 3.65 via USB. >.< This is odd.

    Well here's that video.... I have no clue how to add in videos....

    Cheers to crappy quality and not Sony...

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    Well, i can see you're using a old fat console so that could be the problem (idk, don't ask me... anything is possible lol) OR it's the USB device you're using (you didn't show what you were using to update)

    Anyways, i used to have a 2GB usb drive that works perfectly with my laptop.. but when i plug it in to x360 it doesn't show up.. reason ? because the lousy quality USB stick is from some obscure company that stopped making that model after awhile..

    PS: also, don't ever buy USB sticks that look like this.

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