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    too late, Sony... you're in M$ territory now... lol

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    So Logan and PSN Manager both are confirmed work arounds ?


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    It has been stated that the jailbreak has been patched on 3.42 so ***DO NOT UPDATE*** if you would still like to be able to jailbreak your PS3. It might be just a simple update to the shellcode/payload/memory address's but its anyones guess right now. So hold off on updating

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    So lets see how long before the dongles are updated to combat this update... now its cat and mouse.

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    How about people using two harddrives? I was planning to keep two harddrives, one for original use, and one for Homebrew. Is the update blocking the exploit on the internal memory or on the harddrive?

    This should be easily testable on an already Updated PS3: Format the harddrive in a PC, and try to reinstall it with the 3.41 update on the PS3, i think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonahUK View Post
    So lets see how long before the dongles are updated to combat this update..... now its cat and mouse.
    Right now, the cat is winning by a whisker!

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    I for one wont be holding my breath on an update, look how many years it took in the first place to pull off this hack =(

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    i think

    I think they just removed the development code from the retail firmware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    uhhh didn't that stuff not work anymore... hence why i havn't been online with my 3.15 for ages.
    Yea. i thought the same. I can't seem to get it to work so idk

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    well i guess the exploit would not work on 3.42 anyways because psgroove was written for 3.41. on 3.42 the memory offsets would be diffrent. so i would'nt say for sure it would not work on 3.42... i'm no expert tho.

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