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    MustMunMoji Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Rand023 View Post
    LG5Tool is working for me as well. Although I have Win 7 x64 and was receiving an error. All that is needed is the file mswinsck.ocx and place it in C:/Windows/sysWOW64 and then everything worked perfect for me.
    i am stuggling with this the tool don't work on win7 64bit.

    i copied both files in the folder but nothing that mswinsck does not exist in that folder i download the file and copied it there but still no joy. what should i do next?

    Run-time error [email protected]

    invalid procedure call or argument

    this is the error i get as soon i sign in. it signs in and then this error shows up

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    Bishoff Guest
    Mate all you have to do is google that mswinsck filename and download that file... then place Logans and the ocx file in the same folder.

    Or check out this guide: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-gu...ol-112501.html

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    Whateverwhateve Guest
    Actually, depending on your model of PS3, some of them do indeed store part of the firmware on the HDD instead of entirely in flash, but as I said, only PART of it. Sony isn't stupid enough to store the entire firmware on the HDD so somebody can simply swap it out to downgrade.

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    Bebureiku Guest
    Nevermind it's still working after I rebooted the pc and the ps3

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    tjay17 Guest
    Is there any way to bypass the firmware update and download things from the store?

  6. #116
    MustMunMoji Guest
    a quick update may be this might help someone.. i started the logan bypass worked only when i logged into the US account. but at least i got online.

    try logging into your US accounts with logan software.

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    pip1 Guest

    3.42 and ps groove

    I haven't seen it mentioned yet but don't think that the hardware is totally patched out I would be suprised if it is. The reason I think this is because on my ps3 american 60gb 3.42 the ps3 takes 8 seconds to boot normally and 17 seconds with the ps3 trying to boot into jig assisted recovery mode. That would mean the jig hardware id is blocked or the software is patched or both but not unable to go into jig search mode.

    Regardless of any of that the Ps Jailbreak team has already overcame this once and it is allways hardest the first time. Even if they bought the jig they should still have the contact or someone the contact knows who still works with them for the updated hardware id and such.

    But then again with peak and poke multi firmware softmods and custom firmwares are only a matter of time.

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