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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Firmware Update 2.50 Marks the End of BD-J Homebrew?

    Japanese developer Bu-nyan has posted on his page (linked above) the following:


    Roughly translated, tmaster has concluded the following:

    "FW2.50 not start in the BD-J.
    Upgrade to stop so we can update orz"

    I don't know if Bu-nyan is saying its ok to upgrade or not.

    Update: I can confirm that bd-j don't work with 2.50. I tried it on my brothers ps3 and it gives me an error. good thing I still have mine at 2.43 to play java.

    Why sony stopped I don't know.. maybe a hack, who knows?

    More PlayStation 3 News...

    FYI, although most of the PS3 Devs are sleeping CJPC said the following on IRC:

    It probably is on, but they may have changed it a bit.. possibly to only work from a pressed bd-rom or some bs, which, still makes 0 sense. bd-j functionality is CORE for any bd player.. at profile 2.0 that the ps3 has (or 1.1, can't recall) so bd-j is not off, something just changed with it.
    That being said, it may explain why Bu-nyan and others are reporting BD-J as not working... when 'something' just may need to be tweaked/updated for it to work again versus Sony blocking it.

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    CJPC Guest
    Just to clear it up a tad, BD-J is required for any Blu-Ray disk player, its part of the standard, so I highly doubt that it is OFF. As I said, something just has most likely changed a bit, versus BD-J being completely OFF.

    The simple way to confirm - try a Real Movie (Pressed BD-ROM) that has BD-J functionality. Once it works, start going backwards!

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    RexVF5 Guest
    Damn, I upgraded to 2.50 yesterday. As noted before - it should be possible to run it from proper BD media. There is a BD-J code that allows you to download other code through socket and run it then (both have to be signed by the same certificate). This allows having just one disk and use code from the net. Such disk can be ordered from http://bdlive.com/bddev/handraiser.form or created from code available from https://hdcookbook.dev.java.net/

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Wow, I thought this was pretty harmless. I actually thought the BD-Video industry could even get some inspiration from the BD-J homebrew community. Blu-Rayīs got this great feature and itīs almost not used except for menus. Maybe it was because of the emulators that were starting to pop up?

    I tried loading from memcard duo and a SD card too, with no luck. So itīs definately blocked, intentionaly or unintentionally from those devices.

    Like CPJC said, BD-J definately canīt be blocked. Iīm still on 2.30 but Iīll try POC 2 tomorrow on my nephews ps3. it has a BD-J game. Iīm sure it will run. Lol, that would be one major F-up, if it didnīt. I believe RexVF5 is right about homebrew probably still running from BD media but I donīt have a burner to test that.

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