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Thread: PS3 Firmware Update 2.17 released!

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    PS3 Firmware Update 2.17 released!

    Update: Per Jeff Rubenstein (Social Media Manager, PlayStation Blog): In case you were wondering what it's all about, the operating stability of some online PS3 titles has been improved. Hope that clears things up!

    It's now official- Sony has indeed skipped a retail release of PS3 Firmware 2.15 (Debug) in lieu of PS3 Firmware Update 2.17 which is out now via Network Update or below!

    Download: PS3 FW Update 2.17 (US) / PS3 FW Update 2.17 (EU)

    There isn't an official changelog available yet, but it appears to be primarily a bugfix update at this time.

    Also, for what it's worth a little birdie told us Sony Devs already have 2.20 so perhaps another quick update will follow soon? :P

    [imglink=|PS3 Firmware Update 2.17 released!][/imglink]

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    caxpo Guest

    firmware 2.17 release

    Just installed via update system sony webpage isnt updated to current version. If any information is known please post.

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    I just added an update above and to the Site News... seems it's just an improvement to the operating stability of some online PS3 titles.

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    neoxxx Guest
    Nothing new in the xmb on this firmware update!

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    iRepDaNap Guest
    flippin tight!!! haha they could at least tell us what issues they attempted to fix so i can see if it benifited me in any way LOL. i knew something was coming some time this week tho ever since that "maintenance" earlier this week.

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    aviator Guest
    Any chance this is due to Firmware 2.15 being leaked?

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    Hosted Guest


    Nothing added.

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    house of el Guest
    found this.

    This small point release for Sony's PS3 just fixed a few bugs and exploits, but brought a new feature that allows PlayStation 2 games that needed to install onto a hard drive to do so. Great for those who are still playing Final Fantasy XI.

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    cs475x Guest
    i saw on a site that they fixed some bugs that caused games to lag more than they should

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    OddBod82 Guest

    Firmware v2.17 stopped ps3 recognising mp4s

    his morning i put a film on myps3 from my 4gb usb stick. Left for university after downloading and installing firmware. Got home, put usb in with a new film on it (mp4) and they are not appearing!! Since installing the latest firmware this morning my PS3 has topped registering that there are mp4's on my 4gb usb. !!!

    I was just about to order a larger hard drive to store all my freshly converted mp4's and now this...Tried several films but no luck! Tried a jpeg and that DID register in the pictures column. What can I do to sort this problem out? I have been on several problems and some other people's ps3's have stopped networking and reading .vob files.

    I am not a gamer so I bought the PS3 purely for the Blu Ray and the ability to play x264's etc. Please contact me as to how I can rectify this problem.


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