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  1. #21
    ZoukJonas Guest

    PSN back online!


    But today is also Finland vs Sweden FINAL!!! So that's more important.!!

  2. #22
    azaxsyn Guest
    still getting the maintenance message...

  3. #23
    Sostanco Guest
    New firmware.. i'll stay on cfw 3.55

    thanks for the news

  4. #24
    saviour07 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    ...or you can sell your 3.55 CFW PS3 and buy the games on your Legitimate PS3.
    Cake and eating it springs to mind...

    Sent from my SGS.

  5. #25
    madmax69 Guest
    Yeah dead right am not going to be spending 40 quid for majority of games that give you a days game play and gathers dust , rent it play occasionally at your leisure , each time cod and FIFA comes out need to buy 3 copies of each for me and my two sons.

    have 5 ps3 in the house and should be an official way the 3 of us can enjoy 1 game without me having to spend 150 quid each time , so yeah I'm having the cake , cherry and the custard but won't go on line with my CFW as that's wrong.

  6. #26
    saviour07 Guest
    I agree with you totally, a game share between specific registered consoles should be supported for OFW console's in situations like yours.
    I have an OFW online console and CFW offline console for similar reasons

  7. #27
    Ensokusha Guest
    I'm in Europe ... so I still can't try to do anything, but I think I'll have a little problem:

    My PS3 broke down during the PSN downtime. I sold it, because someone wanted to have that 40 Gb fat ps3. (maybe hoping some repair service will manage to get it back running) Well, in any case: I've bought a new PS3 and wanted to start playing again. However: According to recent announcements you need the PS3 on which a PSN account was activated before the PSN failure.

    I so sincerely hope Sony has some kind of plan for such cases. Considering the number of PS3s out there I guess I'm not the only one affected ... after all: Though the technical-failure-rate may be low, some always break down ... and those people (including me) still have the right to access their own PSN accounts abd bought PSN contents. But: How?

  8. #28
    Denida Guest
    It should be able to be varified through emails for those n your case, as many are in that case, myself included...

  9. #29
    madmax69 Guest
    Am online now - Scotland.

  10. #30
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    BTW - UK PSN went back online over an hour ago - just in case you've not noticed ...

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