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    I need help downgrading back to 3.55, I accidently hit yes on system update. fml... any help with that? please?

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    Sony pissed off all hackers and developers so guess what every developer is working on now!

    How about: New Keys -> GepHot w New Keys + Castlevania Method

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    32KB of ROM unpacks lv0 via exclusive DMA. At least that's what math and marcan say.

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    Last time I will say this.. $ony have NOT banned any PS2 or PSP so WHY would they ban PS3?

    They make money from PSN so they will just be losing money if they did that. It'll be the stupidest move they ever made if they did do it. There will also be a lot of lawsuits as there will be no proof of any customizations so where is the reason for the ban?

    You also have to remember, $ONY ARE NOT MICRO$OFT. $ony DON'T ban consoles. Yea, they are stupid but not that stupid.

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    Remember Jes03, that all of your points are pure speculation.

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    Hi, all!

    I can confirm that this method works on 3.55 OFW no prob. IDK but maybe a little safer than a dns everyone is using. And this thread is from 2008! And when it says to get NET framework 1.1 get that exact one. I tried the current version and it didn't work. I have my ps3 set up as a dmz server and port 8080 forwarded to my pc. Hope it helps.

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    Speculation? Ok, how many PS2s are banned? How many PSPs are banned? How many PS3s are banned?

    My points are fact.

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    Then why didn't you hit cancel? There's plenty of time to cancel it out from the time it starts. I don't think it was an accident.

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    LOL he thought he was updating to 3.56 cfw by sony.

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    Sony is no less allowed to disable someone's PS3 from connecting to PSN than Wal-Mart Music was to kill access to the DRM servers, removing everyone's ability to play their music they'd paid for, or than any MMO is allowed to shut down its servers despite the monthly subscription fees people had paid up to that point. It's pretty well established.

    Whether Sony WILL remains completely to be seen — there's a good chance PSP bannings didn't happen simply because the software infrastructure isn't in place. Who knows?

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