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    Quote Originally Posted by atlask2 View Post
    I just read update from a cfw to 3.56 = brick

    maybe he has the lv2patcher active and it result on a courrpt flash
    You should've flashed back to 3.55 OFW fist & then to 3.56 FW. Why are so many people updating to 3.56 anyhow? You're killing the hack!

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    people think because some HB is signed that they can just upgrade to 3.56, total noobness.
    'm just sitting here looking at posts and IRCs, laughing my ass-off, it's not a security update, but god knows what kind of spoofer $ony implemented in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
    $ony WONT BAN ANYONE as they cant. Its illegal for them to do it. As you don't open the console there is no proof its been customized enforcing the ban.

    If they do ban any console, take them to court. In the meantime just replace the HDD and reflash OFW and there is no proof at all that any kind of CFW was ever installed so how can they legally ban any console?

    Now will everyone shut up about the $ony banning consoles as it will never happen.
    Yo Bro, Sony can ban if they want. Most likely it would be the account and the the ps3 itself due to all the damn legal issues they can get themselves into.

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    hold on, so we dont HAVE to update to 3.56? i could still go ahead and install wannikos 3.55 firmware? ( sorry im kinda confused, i asked for help on another topic but got no reply, so been researching all day was getting ready to do it when this news hit)

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    The cat and mouse game has officially begun.

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    well i'm still playing on 3.55 with the bypass till they figure something to fix up 3.56 hopfully with kmeaw =P

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    $ony can ban anyone, it's their network and we bought the PS3 not PSN... remember that guys, there's more to this than the obvious reasons, and maybe they're making so much money in online sales that they'd rather not risk loosing a chunk of their customers.

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    I updated a spare ps3 of mine and checked if service mode worked and it kind of does, you can get into service mode but you cant get out of it with any .self file.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience, i guess for now your spare is stuck in service mode. Let us know if you manage to get out of service mode.

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    that's dirty sony... still allow the lv2_diag.self #1 to run but blacklist the other getting people stuck in service mode... shame... shame... they knew one of the first things someone was gonna try is service mode.


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