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    Sep 2010
    Jes03 what do you think sony can do to consoles? Microsoft has every right to restrict XBL access to piraters, and Sony is capable and can restrict PSN access at their on discretion.

    Also people associate banning with losing PSN/XBL access with consoles. That's why someone pointed that out.

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    The PS3 hack may have not involved the console being customized but it doesn't take away the fact of what Sony's servers can log in real-time. There's no getting around that part.

    Will they start banning? Who knows? It seems to me that pushing firmware updates out are their way of handling CFW. It's not gonna work. Will they give up? Probably not because they have too big of an ago.

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    Oct 2010
    good luck sueing for withdrawl of a free service. I dont think they'll ban consoles either, not because they can't though purely because every console they ban wont buy anything from their network, it's not cost effective when you can just patch us out.

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    Yeah i guess i see what you are saying jes03 makes since to me. But I dont get what the point of this update like what barrybarryk said it just seems like they wanted to give the hackers a project to do lol. Btw I do want to thank everyone on there hard work with the cfw.

    I'm up online with the patch for now but wonder why the dns always seems to work after a new firmware update lol just glad it does.

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    hooray.. another way for sony to crash our fun.

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    I just read update from a cfw to 3.56 = brick

    maybe he has the lv2patcher active and it result on a courrpt flash

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    For those who are wondering (not sure if its been said) but the dns trick will work for now...

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    Aug 2010
    what is the dns patch? I tried search but dont find anything. How can I get this to get online?


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    We don't allow the "DNS" IP here as it's not deemed secure so you will have to Google for that on your own, but the bypass methods always work right when new PS3 Firmware updates come out although they will stop working again like usual in the next few days tops.

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    lol i spent all day researching the cfw, i was about to do it when i saw this news.

    guess that's that out the window

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