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Thread: PS3 Firmware 3.41 Issues Arise for PlayStation 3 HDD Upgraders

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kablooey View Post
    Those useless updates are destroying every fat PS3. Looks like sony is making this on purpose.

    Dont you love the internet

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    B4rtj4h Guest


    Updated no problem.

    PS3 40GB (upgraded to 180Gb)

    But when i put in the original i get the error. So i guess people are NOT allowed to change the HDD. Nice one sony.

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    Ensokusha Guest


    It could not by any (albeit small) chance be related to the relatively new 4k-sector-hdds?

    (Like described at

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    alexcamrod Guest
    Great more FW update issues. Sony is slowly but surly losing all my respect. Every couple of updates there seems to be headaches. Actually i think every FW has had issues since 2.70 if im not mistakeing. I think it was issues with the blueray then it was issue after issue.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    I've got a fat 80gb (upgraded to 500gb) MGS4 model. No problems (so far) upgrading.

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    Kraken Guest
    I was going to say that Sony's combination of useless updates every few days combined with applying those updates automatically would be a disaster someday. I didn't expect it to be so soon though. Maybe people will think twice now before paying for, and turning on auto update.

    The reality is Sony doesn't care. What is the worst that happens? Lose a few million from a lawsuit in a few years? As long as you keep letting $ony take a dump on you, they will keep doing it.

    And maybe it is intentional. After all, it wouldn't be the first time Sony advertised and bragged about core functionality and then yanked it away without reason or warning.

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    dellenrules Guest
    Here are the details. NOT ALL FAT PS3 systems are affected, but ALL PS3 SLIMS are.

    If you change out the HDD on a SLIM and you upgraded your firmware to 3.41 prior to changing out your HDD, your ps3 is pretty much just a paper weight until until the next update comes out.

    If your system was not updated to 3.41 prior to changing out your HDD, but after, don't change out your HDD again else your screwed.

    Sony is working the issue and will be releasing another update soon that will correct this problem. If you are running 3.41 on your system right now, Sony recommends not changing your HDD until the new update is released.

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    grudge1981 Guest
    WOW! I just upgraded last Friday to a 320GB HDD... Good thing my drive got here so quickly that I was able to install it before the update...

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    SinceDayOne77 Guest
    I have an Metal Gear Solid 4 Edition but upgraded to a 320HDD, no issues yet...

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    Blind Auror Guest
    I am one of the people who are unable to load stuff onto a new harddrive... When I called Sony they were like "we are looking into it" so who knows when this will actually get fixed.

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