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    PS3 Firmware 3.41 Adds PlayStation Store Recommendations

    Today Sony's Network Operations VP Eric Lempel has confirmed that PS3 Firmware Update 3.41 is coming soon alongside PSP Firmware Update 6.31, both of which will add PlayStation Store Recommendations.

    To quote: The next PlayStation 3 (PS3) system software update is coming soon. Firmware update 3.41 will add recommendations for games and videos on PlayStation Store.

    When you're browsing through the details of a particular title, you'll see a new "You May Like" section on the right-hand side. This section lists additional items based on the purchases of other PlayStation Network members who have purchased the item you're currently looking at.

    You can then click on this section to zoom in on the list and scroll the recommended titles.

    This feature is a great way to discover new games that you may not know about, and it's another step toward making the shopping experience easier and better for you all - similar to the five-star ratings feature we added in the last firmware update.

    Please note that while the 3.41 update will be released shortly, the recommendations feature on PlayStation Store is slated to go live by the end of July.

    In addition to this PS3 update, the next PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v.6.31) will be coming as well. This is a minor update, and system software stability during use of some PSP format software titles has been improved. As always, we look forward to your feedback.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    ...they forgot to install a feature were i can say WHAT i like

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    ...they forgot to install a feature were i can say WHAT i like
    Very true

    And "stability update" my arse ... they're just patching security holes left and right

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    TUHTA Guest
    Arrghh!! It's so pain.. i just can't undertand Sony's Logic... Just release an update that is 100-200 mb just for recommendations in PS store???R they crazy?

    So stupid ! I think they just fixed some holes and e.t.c. couze its really stupid to release Firmware Update just for Recommendations in PS store!

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    CJPC Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    http://dus01.ps3.update.playstation....7/PS3PATCH.PUP - there is a new PS3PATCH.PUP update that is about 40mb, and is just the incremental update (few files from dev flash, along with the core os, the revoke lists and syscon updates) - which, is probably for a few reasons.

    One of which being - its less stress for everyone, Sony's servers, bandwidth, people downloading etc. Furthermore, helps with the new Auto Update stuff in PSN+ - less data to download.

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