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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Firmware 3.30 Update Breaking PlayStation 3 Consoles?

    As with nearly every PS3 Firmware revision, the recently released PS3 Firmware 3.30 update arrived with user reports of PlayStation 3 consoles breaking post-update.

    To quote: "The main reported problems are that the systems no longer read any form of disc, thus making gaming and watching movies an impossibility - even the NetFlix disc is reported to no longer work in some cases.

    One user report stated on the official PlayStation forums: "Are you kidding me! First (3.21) it freezes, and now with this one (3.30) it won't even read or recognize the disk, that means that I won't be able to play online or offline."

    Although they may be isolated cases, has anyone here experienced these issues since updating to PS3 Firmware 3.30 this week? Feel free to reply in the comments below!

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    spark32 Guest
    Both of my PS3`s (slim and fat) had bluetooth and WiFi completely killed (so no wireless controllers, headsets, or Internet) until after like 5 resets.

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    micro87 Guest
    I updated to 3.30 from 3.15 yesterday and after that, Guitar Hero World Tour hung up on start saying that the downloaded content had changed and the game had to be restarted. Eventually I had to completely remove every data on the hard drive to be able to start it again. Now I've got to play through the carrier mode again to unlock the tracks.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest


    This post by littlemevcobear was the most interesting:
    This is what the Technician that repaired my machine said happened, and by the way I went for a new Blue Ray drive not replacing the BR controller board and laser that had been burnt out, and I went with a local computer hacker shop.

    This guy said the newer slims have a Blue Ray drive that is able to spin and read at a faster rate, more speed and faster reading because of the complaints to Sony about poor frame rates and lagging visuals for your games, Sony tweaked the Blue Ray for better performance unaware it would cause catastrophic over heating of the older Phat consoles causing the controller boards to burn out, most service shops just replace the controller board and the laser in a matching set, it has been noted that these repairs only last a short while (usually die shortly after the warranty expires) because it is still the same slower drive some will even try to replace the heat sinks but even this will not last, so I elected to replace the whole drive with a new one and I had them wipe my EPROM and install the firmware before 3.15, so now my PS3 is X Moded and I do not trust Sony with any further firmware updates if a game requires a update to play it I take it back to the store and get a refund, you can do this within 7 days at Game Stop, then I get the same game but in XBox 360 format.

    No matter what Sony tells you this is their fault!
    In a World filled with Lies and Deciet!
    Telling the truth can be a Revolutionary Act!

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    theirishman Guest
    I have not had any issues as of yet with my fat ps3 with any of the updates.

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    prins022 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Cyrus View Post
    This post by littlemevcobear was the most interesting:
    Since I updated, the fan goes crazy like it never did ! 60Gb bwc model !

    My point : how can $ony do a unique firmware that can fit 6 or 7 ps3 models, each with its own configuration (hdd, br player, bwc or not bwc...) ? when they perform test, they do it on 20, 30, 40 consoles not on millions...

    I used to have fun with videogames... dommage

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    rajkosladic Guest
    no problem with my slim 120GB..

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    Coolie4 Guest
    If I remeber correctly, there is some kind of glitch with the blueray drive, where as with each firmware update there is a slight possbility of it no longer working. This happened to me a couple months ago, luckily i was able to ship it out to sony to be replaced a week before my warranty would have expired. I'll be on 3.15 for awhile... not agreeing to the new BigBrother ToS, and not giving up my linux box.

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    Chivafighter Guest

    Lightbulb I wonder...

    Okay for those having the problem, did you update from 3.15 straight to 3.30 or 3.15 then 3.21 then 3.30?

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    silencephaze Guest
    Don't update!! Screw online for now till someone in the scene comes up with a plan!

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