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    PsychokillazCx3 Guest
    I had an error during a trophy sync. It would take like 10min to get to 50+% & error. It only gave me half of my trophies. It did it 5 times in a row. I finally tried yesterday & got sync to work but it was slow & took like 5 minutes.

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    coleguilla Guest
    My 60GB model broke down after updated firmware 3.21. First freezed, then YLOD.

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    nipsen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Cyrus View Post
    This post by littlemevcobear was the most interesting:
    ..I can imagine there are different revisions of the boards. And that some of them run hotter than the others. But that some of them are designed to idle more often than the rest, or the firmware would make the disc spin faster than it's supposed to, or something like that.. Doesn't seem like a good idea unless you /want/ the consoles to break.

    ..but then again, it's Sony we're talking about here. Testing could have been skipped, because it would cost too much in the short term, or something like that..

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    slow Guest

    1st Gen 60GB PS3, FW 3.3 -> everything is fine

    PS3 Games working, BD works, DVD works, Audio-CD works, PS2 Games work, Ps1 Games work.



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    Grasshopper Guest
    I think everyone here, who's had their machine broken due to firmware updates, should harrass Sony until they decide to fix the problem. You shouldn't have to be covered under guarantee as it's a manufacturing problem, and therefore you shouldn't be held accountable.

    Truth is, I just want all this firmware updating to become obsolete, unfortunately you know it's only going to get worse. There must be a way we stop Sony from making firmware updates mandatory.

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    viewtonic Guest
    Guess this is their own way of handing the piracy threat- make sure the consoles don't work...

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    SuperDre Guest
    Guess Sony doesn't give a damn, because those older Phat's are already way out of warranty. So eitherway they win, you pay $130 to get it fixed (only to get it again on a later date), or pay for a complete new console.

    So Sony even benefits from broken PS3's.. It has happened so many times now (broken PS3's after a FW-update) and still there hasn't been anything done against it by consumer-watch-programs (or at least it hasn't ammounted to anything).. Sony just keeps on bricking the older systems, and personally I think they even do it on purpose..

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    Chivafighter Guest
    My PS3 is going strong, 3.15--> to 3.30. I have no issue yet. i have the 80 B/C ps3. Im thinking the removal of the "Other OS" caused much more problems for Sony instead of fixing those they wanted.

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    Marmazon Guest


    It messed with my bluetooth! I update constantly as well so it wasn't caused by a jump in updates.

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    Chivafighter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Marmazon View Post
    It messed with my bluetooth! I update constantly as well so it wasn't caused by a jump in updates.
    Bluetooth overall?, or just your controls or just your headset?

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