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Thread: PS3 Firmware 3.30 Update Breaking PlayStation 3 Consoles?

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    villmux Guest
    mine is a 40GB fat and it works fine. *knock on wood*

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    It's a known fact that "constant" updating of ANYTHING is always a potentional risk of bricking that particular device ...

    And PS3 is a star example of that - every single update somebody's BD drive, controllers or the whole PS3 will get messed up

    This also shows two things:

    1. Mandatory updates are BAD - it should be always cutomer's CHOICE whether to update or not and not being pushed by big bad wolf (aka corporations).

    2. Looks to me like Sony in it's own big scare produced quickly or rather say just somehow stiched up badly TWO fw updates in a very short time with a minimal (if any) QA and simply let it off in the wilde ... BAD Sony!

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    ToffiCap Guest

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    my 500GB fat (CECHK04) works fine, updated from 3.15 -> 3.21 -> 3.30

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    chomps268 Guest
    I lol @ the fact that $ony thinks there will be no consequences to their carelessness with FW. Not only are they losing many (if not most) of their customers' loyalty, but they're also destroying something that had true potential. If they want to run this whole PS3 thing like tyrants, then it's going to go nowhere but downhill. Just watch. $ony will destroy itself.

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    victorinox Guest
    though not fully on topic..

    i got a 60 gig *upgraded to 500 gig* first gen phat, and it gets a LOT hoter than it should... and started freezing a lot more as of late, i'm glad to hear its prob because of that stuff =3

    as far as the topic, this always happens.

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    Jes03 Guest
    I just got a 120gb slim and I was forced to reflash 3.15 so my HDD would be recognized then it lost sound on the right speaker, so I upgraded to 3.21 and it worked fine. Then I had to update to 3.30 so I could get on PSN and now the HDMI is having problems. I reflashed it a 2nd time and still having problems with HDMI.

    I have a HDMI swithbox which automatically changes between PS3, 360 and PC depending on what just turned on and turned off but now after updating to 3.30 it no longer switches off from the PS3 when the unit turns off. I have to turn on and off the 360 to change from PS3 to anything else.

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    Exce Guest
    After I updated it wasn`t possible to connect any DualShock3 Controller with my Slim. Now after some restarts I was able to get a connection via USB.

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    crossy84 Guest
    hi guys, i have a ps3 120 gb uk version, which i purchased from argos. about 5 months into buying my machine i noticed like a person said on hear already lagging visuals and slow playback where for instance if a pc was running and the cpu was on full it would slow right up for 6/7 seconds. and thats the only way i can explain it.

    i rang sony up and the guy said sounds like some corrupt data on your hdd, and ponited out to me i had to re-format my hdd. ok i said, he said to me don't go to the menu where everybody thinks its a secret menu with the 6 options this will only screw your ps3 up even more, he said people listen to other people who think this is something that will fix your ps3, guys i gotta tell you it is not so don't screw around with the secret menu or recovery menu it will only mess you ps3 up.

    he told me to do as full restore on the sytem settings this will reset everything on your ps3 settings & hardware. so i did that took me 7 & half hours and noticed it was better but still handnt fixed my problem, so i rang sony up again and i had a refurb the next day. i just pleaded with the guy on the phone that all i want is a ps3 that worked. but with all the updates from sony i have never had a problem after updating with any of the firmware updates. i will just point out though only update with a usb stick and download the firmware off the official playstation 3 website when it is posted.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Wow :S... Sony ?? What ARE you doing ??

    Both my Slim and Phat are dead. They do not want to connect with Wifi and they don't read disks anymore.

    I updated from 3.15 -> 3.30

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    Rooka5 Guest
    My 80 GB fat EU system works perfectly... as always. It was not affected with any malfunctions ever caused by the February 29 PSN bug, or any bug related with any firmware revisions...

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