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    proskopina Guest
    i don't think i will update yet!!! i'll wait for geohot and see!!

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    livpool Guest
    so far so good! LOGAN5's tool works great. i'm signed into PSN and it didnt ask me to update.. people had trouble with games but i'll give a game a shot now, friends list, PSstore and all that works fine tho.

    How to use: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/playst...tml#post288022


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    themiker Guest
    PS3 Proxy Server GUI and LG5tool are both confirmed working. No need to update to 3.21 and kill your OtherOS.

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    croft72 Guest

    Thumbs Down

    Okay this is lame. The only way I can get online with my 60gig PS3 that I paid $600 for when it was first released is to go through with this update to DOWNGRADE my console by taking away one of its features. Sony really needs to come better than this.

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    livpool Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by croft72 View Post
    Okay this is lame. The only way I can get online with my 60gig PS3 that I paid $600 for when it was first released is to go through with this update to DOWNGRADE my console by taking away one of its features. Sony really needs to come better than this.
    look a few posts up and click the link for a good working solution.

    i tested it with borderlands online and it works great, no reduced bandwidth speed, no extra lag. its exactly like it was before having to do the bypass except for one thing.

    warning: about logan5's tool
    Don't use the internet on the PC you have the tool running on while using online on your PS3. it will cause a time-out after a certain short period, however, leaving the PC alone will make sure your connection with the PS3 remains stable and fast.

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    Jes03 Guest
    I got kicked off PSN about an hour ago. I found out Game updates work without being connected to PSN. Yea for us.

    That LOGAN5's tool works great. I am again connected to PSN.

    Only problem with LOGAN5's tool is there is no minimize option. It has to stay open on the desktop.

  7. #17
    skrapps Guest
    so wait, when a mod chip is released, will they disable the blu ray drive too, because of security issues? wtf sony. maybe they should disable everything on the system JUST IN CASE...

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    Virii2012 Guest
    Successfully using the Ps3 Proxy GUI program, no problems so far will leave it on all night and continue to use the internet on my PC to see if I get timed out while downloading.

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    themiker Guest
    For those of you who would prefer to use PS3.ProxyServer.GUI instead of LG5tool, I just made a mini guide you can follow that allows you to bypass the firmware check so you can sign in to PSN while still using firmware 3.15, enabling you to keep OtherOS until George comes up with something..

    - On your PS3, sign out of PSN
    - Download and install PS3.ProxyServer.GUI here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=20203
    - It doesn't create shortcuts so navigate to C:\Program Files\CF3B5\PS3.ProxyServer and run PS3.ProxyServer.GUI.exe
    - Type your current LOCAL IP ADDRESS (probably 192.168.*.*), you can leave the port as 8080, check PS3 Mode
    - Whatever port you use must be open on your router, so if 8080 is blocked, open it now
    - Go to the Replace Files tab and click Add
    - In the left box, paste this address: http://fus01.ps3.update.playstation....updatelist.txt
    - In the right box, click browse and find your LOCAL COPY of the 3.15 ps3-updatelist.txt file, download from here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=20202
    - Back to the Proxy Settings tab, click Start
    - From your PS3's XMB, go to Settings, Network Settings, then Internet Connection Settings
    - Keep everything the way you have it configured now except for the Proxy Server option, make sure you click Use
    - Type the IP address and port number to your local computer (from step 4 above)
    - Finish configuring, test connection, make sure it connects
    - That's it. If the connection test works, you can now sign into PSN with 3.15 and bypass the 3.21 firmware check
    - Note that you must keep PS3.ProxyServer.GUI running when you want to use your PS3 until we get CFW

  10. #20
    Pretikewl Guest


    Just letting you guys know, I went and posted on the official playstation message boards about my disgust over what's going on....

    And I got warned by the admins about spamming!

    True story! He warned me for spamming because I expressed my opinion about it (absolutely nothing vulger or inappropriate in my post). No harsh language, nothing.

    I then proceeded to click on the link for rules of the forums about spamming, and I did nothing in the list they have for it.

    So I wrote him back (with a copy/paste of the rules for spamming) and asked how I was spamming, and he stated it was because I added nothing relevant to the thread. Wtf?

    The board is on fire with people stating how pissed they are about this, and he picks me out for this reason? Man, you gotta wonder what kind of dick admins they have over there?

    Total post count on the official boards: 3
    Total private messages to dick admin: 4

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