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Thread: PS3 Firmware 3.21 Locks Out More Features Beyond OtherOS?

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    jabberosx Guest
    Oh no.. its the gremlins...!! wait.. I meant Sony!!

    Not even going to say this was stupid. We already have know that about $. Glad, I didnt update.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xxkrizxx View Post
    * Default System deleted (I wonder why?)

    It' because the Default System option is simply linked to the Other OS - there is no need for it anymore, it was used to select WHICH os will PS3 boot to - either PS3 Game OS (XMB) or Linux and as they've taken away access to Linux there is no point in having such selection anymore. So they're not delteing any "system" - JUST the option

    And - in regards to (any) update to PS3 - it's ALWAYS potential risk to your console to do so as with each update there is a bunch of users having their consoles simply killed or screwed up during the process That's why the mandatory updates PUSHED at us by Sony are BAD!

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    otarumx Guest
    Yeah, I would love those kinds of things too setoku but I have seen that quite a bit of people got really angry because sony effectively cancelled the possibility of playing pirated games on the console with the removal of the otheros, I figure there are a bit of people that actually used the PS3 for Linux as a backup computer of sorts and for those people I feel for them but personally I rather use a PC for my emulation and video needs.

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    GaijiL Guest
    I think it's obvious that $ONY will lock more exploits in FW 3.21, and that's why I still stay in 3.15.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    What people tend to forget, is that it is not always the firmware that messes up the PS3's. sometimes it is the PS3 that has progressed past it's sell-by date or faulty components that just "go". Then DO NOT exclude the person in fron of the PS3 - sometimes he/she is the main cause of his/her PS3 giving problems!

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    Ps3Rips Guest
    So beside the official things listed in 3.21 what else is locked out? My point being, I'm confused by the thread title. It seems to state that other things have been added. Yet none are alluded to.

    Yes it has regression bugs. Every firmware release does. Its virtually impossible to test a firmware release via the format QA process that Sony does against all of the variables of save files , messages, images, music etc that people store on the ps3 HDD's.

    I just see the thread as a bit of a non-event. Look at every firmware release and within a day or so you'll have people saying I now can't login in. My Blue-Ray drive won't play. In that case every firmware locks out more than the official release notes.
    Unless there is something definite you know has been added then I just think it must be a bit of a slow news day.

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    livpool Guest
    The thread title was a joke, relating to people being 'locked out' of their ps3's.

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    proskopina Guest
    i don't update yet!! i'll wait something from the hackers!!

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    ZimZi Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by xxkrizxx View Post
    * A security patch was added to address security vulnerabilities that may occur when playing MP4 format video files. hmm.... (That is a neat one, never heard of this "security" problem, before!)
    Is that worth looking into? (someting like the good old tiff exploit on psp).

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    jon5555 Guest


    HDMI control with my bravia stopped working for me after this update.

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