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Thread: PS3 Firmware 3.0 Rumored Features Are Detailed

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    zeromx Guest
    How about MKV, ogg support.. and of course allow us to run homebrew appz

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    HeMsKiE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zeromx View Post
    How about MKV, ogg support.. and of course allow us to run homebrew appz
    MKV support will be great!

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    brobertson18 Guest
    what about patches for supporting and fixing rest mode and error CE-38612-0 on the PS4 with the Nyko databank using over 2TB of space.

    Yes more power is needed to run the hard drive but it should not be bypassing the computer chips for supporting rest mode. All that is needed here is a algorithm to increase power capacity with out it having to overheat the PS4. It is the game patches them selves that cause the that error to happen.

    They are not being implemented on to the game when being transferred to the hard drive thought the SATA extension adapter. The extension itself needs to have the capability to allows patch files to be implemented. The SATA extension adapter only allows certain things like applications like games, game saves and video players like Netflix to be used.

    Update files are being blocked because there are no computer chips that allow the transference of these files to the hard drive. Those receivers or antennas chips that link to the micro chips are only in the PS4. So they are downloaded but go no where because they are being blocked.

    This also includes the firmware downloaded over the internet. This is what is needed in the coming update or later updates but it needs to be done soon!!!

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    Juan Pablo Guest
    Thanks for the info. I hope it is true.

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