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Thread: PS3 Firmware 3.0 Full Changelog, Includes PS3 Slim Bootscreen

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    Quote Originally Posted by 51N15T3R View Post
    Here's the AFRIKA Theme: Zebra, it's a .pkg file inside of the .rar
    +Rep for the upload 51N15T3R, but ya, sadly since it's a .PKG file the only way users will probably be able to test it is by installing it from the Japanese PSN store directly.

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    semitope Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by asutosh View Post
    they should have given lbp dynamic theme for free... very bad SONY!!!
    Very true but considering LBP has a crap load of minor add-ons for sale that I think should most definitely be free, its expected.

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    moneyslap03 Guest


    Thanks for the changelog, can't believe I'm on vacation without my ps3 and the update comes again.. i do look forward for the new look.

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    livpool Guest
    this is update is way better, but the speedtesting doesnt work for me

    is it because im on a NAT3 connection? anyone know?

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    sciaticoak Guest
    The Firmware 3.0 is a major update. i like whats inside but i dont the the afrika theme. hehehe. way to go sony!

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