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    triple7 Guest

    PS3 Firmware 2.35 sneaks YouTube functionality in!

    Sony claimed that all Firmware 2.35 did was "improve stability of some PS3 titles". Well, it turns out that the YouTube compatibility is one of those secret updates that occasionally make it unannounced into a PlayStation 3 firmware update.

    The functionality was added via Version 2.35 of the firmware. At the moment, Mainichi Issyo (the crazy cat game downloadable only on off the Japanese store) is the only title to do so.

    Videos are captured at 320x240, 30 frames per second and saved in an MPEG-4 file at 768kbps. Sound is recorded at 64kbps in AAC format. The maximum clip length is ten minutes.

    Upon selecting to finish their recording sessions, players are given the choice of either saving their clips to the hard disk or uploading them to YouTube. Choose the latter option, and you're prompted for your YouTube user name and password.

    The game then uploads the clip on the spot, showing a progress bar while you wait for the upload to complete.

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    SSJX Guest
    does this mean youtube functionality works in the normal PS3 web browser?

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    raze88 Guest
    This will be so cool if combined with ingame XMB!

    Recording gameplay videos is something i wanted to do for along time, but never had the chance because i don't have a device for recording from a console.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    You could use a TV Card in your Computer !! You need a splitter on the signal cable.

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    footylad Guest
    Thats great news guys if Youtube has gone in, have some decent size video's to watch for a change, run your own cinema on ya tv now Good news, sony decided to listen to what people want for a change!

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    hellotonothing Guest
    for a better quality video, its still easier to download the youtube video and convert it for a mp4 file, and play it with a usb key.. at least i think its better as this.

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    kh2lover10 Guest
    too bad this capability was on eyecreate cause that would be awsome!

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    xpvtlag Guest
    i just wish there would be a screen recorder in the ps3 on the next update, i cant afford the dazzle stuff, and i dont have the right cords, at least i tried them and nothing happened, or i set up the screen wrong, but it didnt work, so there definitely should be a screen recorder in the next update.

    who agrees?

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    greber Guest
    I personally find Youtube on the ps3 a bit to clunky (sorry) to warrant watching it on the PS3 over the PC.

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