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Thread: PS3 Firmware 2.30 Update Now Available!

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    labonte Guest
    Ok with the code that cjpc just posted I don't get the error message anymore now I get a message that states that I need to update.

    Very interesting.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, I can not recall if this was in previous updates, I dont think that it was:


    I am wondering if it is checking that version, against the PS3's version. Way to tell, someone change it and try again! Or If someone would post their FW version, I can change ours to match, and see what happens!

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    labonte Guest
    yea my fw is 2.10 and i just changed it to:


    and i just get the do you want to update message. but when i changed it to:


    i get the error code (8002a212)

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    aldostools Guest
    I can confirm that the PS3.Proxy works after you update to 2.30. What it cannot currently perform is the firmware update bypass.

    Just replace your local ps3-updatelist.txt with the new content for 2.30 (look it in the post by sbdman above), update your PS3 to 2.30 and the proxy will continue working.

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    labonte Guest
    The whole idea of the ps3 proxy is so you don't have to update your ps3 and still get on the psn. So of course it's going to work if you update.

    I think cjpc has it right it is checking that version, against the PS3's version.

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    doggydawg Guest
    so are there any new security fixes in the new fw or not ?

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    labonte Guest
    With accessing the new psn network with the ps3 proxy yes.

    The fw 2.30 not sure.

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    Noob2nv Guest


    Hey all,

    I'm not running a proxy, but when I go to sign in, I get an error (this is off the top of my head) saying:

    Could not sign in. Error xxxxxxxxx - This is a DNS Error.

    Before this update I did not have a problem.

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    Apr 2005


    If you knew the error code it may help.. some codes are listed publically, so it may be worth the effort to re-check the exact error number.

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    end002 Guest
    I confirm that I'm not recieving any errors using PS3.Proxy with new F/W 2.30 yet either. I let you know if anything happens with it though.

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