Update #2: It is now officially confirmed that the EUR PS3 launch release date will be March 23, 2007 for those eagerly awaiting their PS3! Over 30 launch titles will be available, with the 60GB version retailing for 425. $ony may roll out the 20GB at a later date as well.

Update: The USA 1.5 Firmware Update is also now available for PS3. It's also confirmed that the 1.5 update fixes backwards compatibility graphics glitch issues making PS1/PS2 games aperfectly fine now! Once again, until we receive further word we recommend you don't update to 1.50 at this time- more to come soon!

Also in Wii news tonight, a Wii DVD Drive Serial Tool is now available which allows you to connect your Wii drive to your PC via Linux for "testing" using this tool. Also included are Wii drive and mainboard pictures along with Chip and Port listings.
As mentioned by seminolecounty in the ongoing New PS3 Update true? Forum thread, it is confirmed that the Japanese 1.5 Firmware Update for PS3 is now available... with the US version expected tomorrow as well.

To quote from the previous PS3 1.5 Hits Japan article on the changes:
The big change this time around seems to be in the form of payment options for the PlayStation Store. While the store has been limited exclusively payment via credit card until now, the PS3 will now be able to accept "Edy" system pre-paid electronic money. You're required to have an IC Reader/Writer attached to your PS3 in order to use this system. Readers are now available for the PC.

Other changes include support for Korean language input via keyboard and updated PlayStation and PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility.
And now on to the interesting stuff... many of our viewers have been reluctant to update their PS3 Firmware out of fear that an upcoming PS3 iSO Loader will not work on it. Today, we had a chance to speak briefly with the GODs @ Paradox... who have confirmed for us that, referring only to their own of course, the PS3 iSO Loader will work on PS3 Firmware up to v1.32! This means if you have not updated to v1.32 out of fear that a future iSO Loader will not work, you can now do so with peace of mind. However, until they have a chance to examine 1.50 we have been told NOT to update to it yet to be safe. More to come as it's available!

In Wii news today, six new iSO dumps include: GT_Pro_Series_NTSC_Wii-VORTEX, Elebits_NTSC_Wii-GOOMBA, Cars_PAL_Wii-WiiER, Rapala_Tournament_Fishing_NTSC_Wii-VORTEX, Open.Season.PAL.MULTI10.WII-DRabbits, and Barnyard_NTSC_Wii-VORTEX. Also, Rawdump Wii Disc Dumper v1-5 is now available, which claims to be 5x faster dumping and no longer requires DVDInfoPro. Changelog is as follows, and use our ongoing Rawdump Wii Disc Dumper released! Forum thread for feedback:
- Using streamed reading (about 5 times faster)
- Better info display
- No need for dvdinfo in the background
PSP Files: Rocky Balboa (EUR) 292MB PSP RipKit, CWCheat Database And POP Database Editor v1.2 For PSP, Filer v2.8 For PSP, 3.03 OE AutoBoot Plug-In For PSP, PNG Imager v1.00 For PSP, and PSP2600 (Atari 2600 Emulator) v1.0.2 For PSP.