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    Quote Originally Posted by awake33 View Post
    PS3 does not use NTFS for royalty reasons, it is owned by MS.

    The 4GB limit is a limitation of the FAT32 standard - See here

    SAK dumps BDs in pieces because there IS a limit.

    Either mistaken or full of it.

    It will not take files over 4GB. DRM does not have anything to do with it. DRM requires certificates, and only if the file is encrypted with a type of DRM. This would be ITunes, 'some' MS WMV encoded files, etc.
    yes the reason it's this..ntfs is a proprietary format by m$

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    how come games install GB'S worth of data on the PS3 then?
    i'm sure some install of games are over 4gb!!?!?.

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    ya only 4 gbs :/

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    no there is no file limit I copied a complete movie which was 9GB so at least the limit is not 4GB

Closed Thread
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