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    Quote Originally Posted by hiphop View Post
    Y-splitting 1 Sata controller into 2 drives will not work. You can only do one drive per Sata port. Even SATA RAID controllers have one port per drive.
    Not Y-Splitting. Yes it does work, once again it's been done before.

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    so basically the esata adapter lets you connect a 3.5 sata drive with an sata cable instead of usb?

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    Alright, let's get this out in the open. MagikRevolver, you need to start listening. One device per SATA port. Just one. Unless you're using a RAID controller at the other end, in which case there is still only one 'drive' visible to the single SATA port.

    One drive. One cable. Sorry, no matter how much 'research' you've put in, or how you 'know it's been done before'? You're wrong. Unless you use one of the external chassis' with their own RAID controller, you will never be able to connect more than one HDD to one SATA port.

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    Listen To Princess And The Others!

    Princess is correct. MagicRevolver.... listen to these guys. I am an engineer and i can confirm that everything they say about 1 sata drive per port and a controller showing one drive when, say, are corrected to the hub is correct. (not that you need an engineer to confirm that).

    You are best to get the converter that hiphop discussed and then have an external SATA drive.

    On a side note.... I have a gigabyte I RAM. Removed it from my computer and put in temporarily in the PS3. Very fast... but too expensive an exercise and only 4 gig max storage> Was fun to try though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagikRevolver View Post
    Not Y-Splitting. Yes it does work, once again it's been done before.
    stop screaming bull please. SATA is not y splitable.

    it's a _S_erial/ata interface. So you WILL need a controller.

    And if you still refuse to ack this data, then please tell us your source of information.

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    TO: MagikRevolver

    Hi there,

    I just read your thred but IO have maybe "same" problems and anybody says that donīt work but it WORKING...

    PS3 has inside controller for SATA wich is possible to control PORTMULTIPLICATION.... Under Libkux it is working...

    So result is niot to DAMAGE PS3 or HDD but you must to TRY not to trust everyone because noone knows that!

    At my side was 5SATA HDDs 3internals and 2externals so i put them in one case wit ONLY ONE external eSATA conector... So some internal controllers recognaze all putted HDDs but sopme only ONE of them!

    RESULT: You need controller wich will support PORT MULTIPLICATION/port multiplier controller (support for that) so if YES it will work!

    TO DO: only one way...TRY IT...

    When I will have time I will try the same with my OWN BOX with posted 5pcs HDDs (about 5TB space) and will see what happend...

    Good luck to you and TIME...

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    Just a question: why do we need to use eSATA on our external drives, why not just USB?

    Sure eSATA is faster, but what do you need that speed for?
    Supposedly even games run off a USB HDD...

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    I dont think there is a limit to the size of the HD, the ps3 can use just what is the biggest you can buy

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