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Thread: PS3 Dualshock 3 controller Review

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    wicked insanity Guest

    PS3 Dualshock 3 controller Review

    The wait is over: rumble is back on the PlayStation 3!

    These new wireless controllers use a hybrid design, combining the motion sensor of the Sixaxis controller with the rumbling abilities of its predecessor, the PlayStation 2's DualShock 2.

    Overall, the new DualShock 3 is a delight. It's slightly heavier than the Sixaxis, with a more sturdy, solid feel. The handgrips no longer flex when you squeeze them, and the black plastic is completely opaque (the Sixaxis used cheaper, transparent plastic).

    So far, we see only two small gripes. For starters, the DualShock 3 does not appear to ship with a mini-USB cable; none was included in the retail box we received. Mini-USB cables are dirt-cheap these days, so that shouldn't present a big problem.

    Secondly, the DualShock 3 sacrifices a bit of its "oomph" in the name of better battery life (and possibly not interfering with the integrated motion sensor). The DualShock 3 still pumps out a pleasing pulse sensation, but it does feel slightly weaker than the DualShock 2.

    Aside from those nitpicks, the DualShock 3 is the controller Sony fans have longed for ever since the PlayStation 3 launched with its neutered Sixaxis. It does cost a bit more money -- $54.99 compared to the Sixaxis's $49.99.

    But you might not have a choice much longer, as Sony has officially discontinued the older, rumble-free Sixaxis controller.

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    KoRn KidM90 Guest
    i have it now, and i like it better then the regular sixaxis. no creeks and more solid feel... a lot better overall.

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    SpiritchaseR Guest
    Will GTA IV support rumble right from the start?

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    TekTro Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritchaseR View Post
    Will GTA IV support rumble right from the start?
    I think it will almost definitly will as it is such a big title and sony and phasing out the Sixaxis.

    Every game seems so much better with rumble. You feel like you're in the game sometimes.

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    SpiritchaseR Guest
    And even more important... when is DS3 released in Europe?

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    TekTro Guest
    I dont think theres a release date for Europe yet. I imported my DS3 as i couldnt wait, just do the same.

    I get really annoyed that we get everything last!

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    JJCOOLX Guest
    Which version do you think is the better of the 2 US releases the Black or Silver editions? Personally id love to get my hands on the MGS gun metal gray controller w/o having to buy the whole bundle.

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    f3lixazn Guest
    i reckon black is better, cus it matches the ps3 system, unless ur system is silver.

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    zerocom Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritchaseR View Post
    And even more important... when is DS3 released in Europe?
    Rumors said that it could be released with GTA IV in may but not later than june (MGS 4 release).

    You should think of importing one, because it's much cheaper in the US due to the weak dollar. I imported one from Hong Kong some months ago for less than 50 euro.

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    Xannadu Guest
    Does the controller's casing feel stronger? I feel a weak point in the sixaxis is the plastic in between the shoulder buttons. It only takes a partial trip over the controller to snap it forcing either L2 or R2 to be partially always activated and for some reason causing all other buttons to stop working once the PS button is pressed and the system menu pops up.

    I've sadly had this happen to 4, count em 4 sixaxis controllers. (None of which by my hand...errr foot rather)

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