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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Driver Update with Remap and Vibration Enable Options out!

    A few weeks ago we posted news of some PS3 DualShock 3/SixAxis x64 & Windows 7 Drivers.

    Over the weekend, Motion-in Joy has released a PS3 Driver Update with Remap and Vibration Enable Options.

    Download: PS3 DualShock 3/SixAxis Windows 32bit Driver / PS3 DualShock 3/SixAxis Windows 64bit Driver


    PS3 SixAxis/DualShock 3 USB and Bluetooth Driver for 32bit and 64bit Windows

    1. Restart your Windows with key F8 (select 'disable driver signature enforcement'), this step is very important for x64 system.

    2. Connect you SixAxis or DS3 via USB, install the USB driver. (If you have installed previous USB driver, you only replace the 'MijUfilt.sys' file in windoswsystem32drivers.)

    3. Update you USB Bluetooth Adapter driver.

    4. Run DS3_Tool.exe and click pairing (need microsoft dotnet 3.5)

    5. Disconnect the USB wire.

    6. Press PS button shortly to connect via bluetooth, if it connects success the no. 1 led lights fixed. DS3 will vibrate a moment.

    7. Long push down the PS button to disconnect.

    8. Download here.

    PS3 64bit Driver Update with Remap Options

    1. Feature: USB or bluetooth connect. No vibration enable, 4 kinds mapping, analog triggers, POV and motion sensor options

    2. System requirements: One free USB BLUETOOTH v2.0 DONGLE, Windows vista 64bit, Windows 7 64bit.

    3. Download here.

    4. Restart your system.

    - Before you install the driver all you have to do is repeatedly press F8 while booting your computer and it will bring up a boot selection screen in which you can choose to start in safe-mode, and other modes.

    - Scroll down and select the option that says "Disable driver signature enforcement" The system will boot.

    5. Unzip the file. follow the setup steps.

    6. Plug in your SixAxis or DualShock 3 via USB, after Windows install the default driver, right click (Start - All Programs - MotioninJoy - Install USB driver) run it as Administrator.. if you only need USB connect please go to step 8.

    7. Unplug the other USB bluetooth dongles if any except the one you need to connect SixAxis or DS3. After Windows installs the default driver, right click (Start - All Programs - MotioninJoy - Install Bluetooth driver) run it as Administrator. You can plug in the other bluetooth dongles after installation finish if you need to use.

    8. Start - All Programs - MotioninJoy - DS3 TOOL, now you can set options.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    DarkArchon Guest

    Thumbs Up Duelshock functionality actually implemented!

    Awesome news, can't wait to try this out tonight with bf2142 (i find sixaxis is great for controlling vehicles) and with rumble mode + wireless makes this even better!

    I will post results if i have any troubles/issues with these drivers (previous sixaxis drivers i found were a nightmare to install).

    Thanks, DA.

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    slastrina Guest


    why cant they use their knowledge to make a mac driver that has bluetooth support..

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    TESTED - verdict OK!

    Tested this driver and it works a OK, just update the driver after install.. it gets rid of some nasty error mesages!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Testing it to time and run into a few troubles.So i want to play Batman AA, Wolfenstein und Black Mirror 2 with my ps3 sixxaxis becouse my ps3 got to 3th time the YLoD (now its a RLoD).

    I connect the pad turned off via usb cable to the pc and install the USB driver seccussful after that i want to install the BT driver and got a message saying this:

    INFO: There aren't any live devnodes with the DeviceId contained in the INF.

    But i have the Belkin BT dongle connected and soft along with drivers installed.The ps3 pad comes up as game controller but i cant use it in games.

    Should i deinstall all the other BT stuff like LAN server,serrial communication?

    Or could it be that the belkin BT dongle will not be supported?Can i add the needed information into the .inf by my self?

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    ecom Guest
    Thanks, old but useful...

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