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    PS3 Directions Buttons PS3 display on iiyama E2200 DVI monitor?


    I am trying to get my PS3 to disply on my iiyama 22" monitor, as here

    I have tried my PS3 on a tv over the DVI and it works fine, so I know the cable is OK. When I try to connect it to my monitor it comes up as out of range, has anyone managed to get the PS3 on one of these monitors?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    In the specs don't say DVI/HDCP, if this is correct without HDCP you cannot have hi-definition in that monitor. In that case use a YPbPR/YUV to VGA adaptor and perhaps it work that way. A search in google come up with this "but if you're looking for a monitor that can do a wide variety of things (High-Definition protected content for example), then this is probably not for you."
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    That monitor is not HDCP supported. For a full list of supported monitors see HERE.

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