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Thread: PS3 Dev: Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 2.7 Hits This Month

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    PS3 Dev: Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 2.7 Hits This Month

    Psyonix Studios developer Corey David let the cat out of the bag this week regarding upcoming PlayStation 3 firmware update 2.7.0.

    In discussing a bug with the studio's game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, David let slip in a forum post that the update is scheduled for release later this month, to quote:

    "I've been working with Sony trying to reproduce and solve the PSN sign-out issues some of you report.

    Any info you can generate will be really helpful. Sony mentioned a bug they fixed with the next system software update (2.70) that might resolve these issues, but we have to narrow it down and verify it's the same problem to be sure it's that and not something we need to fix on our end.

    IIRC it will drop later this month. And contain lots of fun new fixes. I'm excited about this one, lots of new stuff. :)

    Though, I dont think I can mention any of them just yet.

    It is not uncommon for developers to recieve advance copies of hardware updates so that they can ensure compatibility with their software. After the internet caught wind of the premature announcement the post was swiftly edited to remove any reference to the 2.7.0 release, further supporting the veracity of the statement.

    So what exactly do we have to look for in 2.7.0? Last month, a member of the GameTrailers forums claiming to be a Sony R&D employee posted a list of new features supposedly coming with the firmware update. Neither confirmed nor denied at this point, the information sounds too good to be true yet just plausible enough to consider taking seriously.

    With loads of previously requested and novel high-quality features like these, Sony might finally be stepping up to the plate to give Microsoft a run for its money.

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    sekemc Guest
    The biggest feature I would really like from that list is the in-game web browser. Killzone 2 and a few other games already use it while in the game menu to visit their site. It would be especially useful for looking up information related to thee game your playing, like walkthroughs etc..

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    chrykel Guest
    i want in game music myself..

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