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    Apr 2005

    Question [PS3 Dev Request]: Have a PSP and familiar with .RCO files?

    The reason this thread is in the PS3 section will become apparent in a minute.

    I'm posting this on behalf of the resident PS3 Devs in hopes to get a few replies from members who BOTH have a PSP that can run homebrew utilities, and are familiar with (have used before) PSP apps including Resurssiklunssi, RCO Editor, etc.

    Over the last 2-3 days the PS3 Devs have made significant progress in multiple areas of the PS3, and some Site News will be posted soon I'm sure with details.

    One of the areas involves .RCO files, not PSP ones but PS3 ones, and they are seeking a few knowledgeable members who can assist in further exploring the unpacking/decompressing of them.

    If you have not done this with PSP files previously, please do NOT reply (your post will be removed) as you can not be of help in this area... the majority of the resident PS3 Devs do not currently have a PSP, and those who do are not into PSP 'homebrew' and have their PSP's on the latest Sony Firmware and/or do not wish to modify them.

    That being said... If you have a PSP and are familiar with .RCO files please reply. More to come once a few who meet this criteria respond.

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    SniprSnake Guest
    well i have dabbled around with psp xmb customization back in the day, with rco editor... i have a ta-709 PSP with CFW and a ta-802 PSP with CFW also... ill help as much as i can....

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    Apr 2005

    Red Face

    Nice to see one competent person replied thus far... hopefully tomorrow more qualified members will do so too.

    Pretty pathetic everyone wants the PS3 unlocked, but nobody wants to get involved and would rather sit back and let the PS3 Devs do all the work... if I didn't sell my PSP nearly a year back I'd help out myself.

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    Kantraz Guest
    I have edited many things in my PSP, and maybe i can help, but I have much homework. I will help as much as i can. My PSP have CFW 3.90-2 M33.

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    cherryduck Guest
    I'm here if you need me, just tell me what you want doing.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    I know you said don't reply if you've not used RCO editor much etc, but...

    I've had my PSP since pre UK launch (now always on latest M33) & PS3 since UK launch.
    I've done various (mainly PSP related) guides etc in the past (back in the ol' days!) - If you think i can help, i'm more than happy to (if i can!).

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by cherryduck View Post
    I'm here if you need me, just tell me what you want doing.
    And you have a PSP that can run .RCO apps right?

    Until we receive further word on what they need done, they are mainly seeking to interact with active members who can assist them in whatever tests/help/etc they need in the near future.

    I suspect at least ONE thing they need help with is some PS3 RCO files they would like examined or attempted to be decompressed with various PSP RCO utils. They would likely post the RCO files here, and (hopefully) members can provide feedback on them... which is why one thing they requested is that those who reply be familiar with PSP homebrew and RCO files/apps.

    We are basically trying to establish some 'structure' here, where we have a public group of skilled "testers" who can assist the PS3 Devs with whatever they need help with, collaborating in the Forum on a regular basis.

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    Kantraz Guest
    I will not say I'm really skilled, but I know what I'm doing, and i have trying to analyze some PSP Rco's before, and it went pretty good:P

    But, all in all, I can assist you with all my knowledge, which is better than nothing

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    evilsperm Guest
    If I recall there is a psp emulator that will allow you to run homebrew apps so the devs might want to start there if no one comes out to help =(

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    Kantraz Guest
    The PSP emulator don't run many homebrew, so i guess it is better to get some of us psp "nerds" to help them.

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