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    CJPC Guest
    Okay I have attached two RCO files we have came across. We borrowed them from the PS3's flash file system. However, they do indeed differ from their PSP counterparts.

    One of the files (dlna_plugin.rco) is uncompressed, while (friendim_plugin.rco) appears to be compressed. It appears that 0x15 is our "trigger" for this, 00 is uncompressed, while 10 is compressed.

    We want to take a look inside the RCO files, for a few reasons. One, we are all curious as to their what else they may hold (on the PS3). Furthermore, it may be a good stepping point as there are additional support files used, which we will mention in a future post, that are used to enable certain XMB options in conjunction with the RCO's.

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    machaf Guest
    I have a PS3 with 2.3 and a PSP with CFW. Let me know how I can help.

    Edit: oops. didn't see this there was a 2nd page to this thread.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Basically look at the post above you with the files attached... if you can make any headway with the RCO's then post it here... that's about it for tonight. Tomorrow CJPC will post a full "techy" Site News update with the other progress that has been made recently.

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    huddo121 Guest
    yaha, consider me in for this, ive got 2 CFW PSPs and 2 Pal 60 gig PS3s, modded a few RCO files before (haha, video was changed to pr0n on a friend psp without him knowing, best reaction from his little sister ever!).

    so whatever needs to be done ill have a crack at it.

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    neohito Guest
    I'm here as well, been in the psp scene since launch, modded both slim and phat psps. Also bought the ps3 at launch.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    neohito and huddo121 it's GREAT that you guys are willing to help out, but please read a few posts up on what exactly the PS3 Devs are currently seeking help with:


    Since CJPC has posted that, it's best if we use this thread now to discuss who has examined the RCO files and what they have tried with them, versus still posting "I'm here to help" (which was nice before CJPC posted the files, but now that they are available let's move on)

    I know one guy on IRC said he tried them in a few of the PSP RCO apps and they weren't recognized due to the headers being different than PSP RCO files I believe. Others examine them yet? Ideally those who are familiar with manipulating/handling RCO files are those we're seeking feedback from now...

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    huddo121 Guest
    yer, i was trying to edit the post and put in that i had looked at the RCO files (wich works great on 22 inches of widescreen monitor) with winhex and well, to be honest, i had no friggin' idea as to what i was meant to be doing, so ill just wait for CJPC's more technical discussion and try and make sense of it.

    btw; where has my edit button gone? i saw it when i first posted, but once clicking save did nothing i refreshed, then well, the button disappeared.

    EDIT: the button appears on this post after i quick reply, but it doesn't seem to want to show up on my other post. strange.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Ya, you can only edit your posts for (5) minutes time to fix spelling errors, etc. After that, they are only editable by Staffers.

    Regarding CJPC's tech details later today: it's not on the RCO files (this is why the resident PS3 Devs are seeking help from the community with them)... the tech update will cover some of the other things that the PS3 Devs have recently discovered.

    Anyway, let's keep this on topic now... specifically, any other feedback on examining the RCO files guys?

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    almar Guest
    I may have an update.. not sure if you guys already know this. The file layout seems familiar to the p3t layout. In the p3t layout the images are compressed with gim. The magic marker for this is 78DA.

    40 hits for magic marker --> 40 compressed gim files inside?
    at the end of every file some kind of zero pattern

    2 hits for magic marker --> 2 compressed gim files inside?

    There is already someone who has made a extractor: http://ps3.blackvoltage.org/ So why reinvent the wheel? This code could be adjusted i think to extract the images from the rco files. I'm not sure how many data gim is, but i figure since zip is already used there is a good chance the rest of the data is compressed with zip? But first we have to figure out how much data remains when the gim's are extracted?

    Oh an addition: i just read on the site that non gim data is zlib compressed.. so the rest of the data is probably zlib. If this is what the ps3 dev's wanted to know than maybe someone can start working on extracting the RCO's?

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    Field Guest

    I might be an idiot for posting this, but oh well.

    Umm, this might not be a huge help, as I'm pretty much a newbie, but hopefully someone might get an idea from this.

    Had a look at some PSP RCO files and they always start with .PRFq [0050 5246 7100]. In fact the first 24 bytes are the same for all PSP RCO files.

    The PS3 start with FRP [4652 5000]. The first 14 bytes appear to be the same. The dlna.rco has info linking to 'no media servers were found' and other errors that pop up within the dash. But I guess everyone already knew that. Sorry.

    Tried to open PS3 RCO with RCO Editor and of cause, it spat out errors. Tried changing the hex header, but again no go. Tried to use the PSP to decrypt the PS3 RCO, but not really sure what I'm doing. Not even sure that I should be posting this even, with all the modding genius posting here. Tried Z33's Resurssiklunssi to decrypt but it just looked at me funny, lol.

    There are some tools for the PSP to decrypt PRX, RCO, PBP files that some users may find useful. Found them here - used google. http://endlessparadigm.com/forum/arc...read-4142.html

    Sorry I couldn't be more help, I can only hope that it spurs someone in the right direction, sorry. I'll keep digging away. Good luck.

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