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Thread: [PS3 Dev Request]: Have a PSP and familiar with .RCO files?

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    Apr 2005
    Nice to see some activity here since we posted it in the Site News... before that, it was quite dead for it's first 22 hours as it seems many don't check here as often as the Site News (the issue is, a lot of this in-between work doesn't need "Site News" coverage but instead Forum interaction).

    I will get in touch with CJPC over the next few hours and report back tonight with some specifics (or files?) on what they are seeking help with first, etc.

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    Kantraz Guest
    I have made a topic on the danish psp forum, so if we are lucky some of my buddies comes and join us

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    kiasyd Guest
    Hi guys,

    I have a ps3 40gb and psp with cfw.

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    Black Ice Guest
    Hi. I am a repairman about game consoles. I can help in software & hardware. I have flash memory programmer.. and I have dumped PS3 flash before developers can. maybe I can assisst.

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    goldenone Guest
    im here as well, i have a psp running CFW, the latest firmware of course, im about to put gps on it as soon as i get the antenna for it. Also i have a few buddies who just love messin with this stuff. We were just talking about how we wish there was more to do with the psp.. As far as the ps3 goes, were just die for some new stuff to mess with...

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    Emriel Guest
    Ive done some manual decompressing and have extracted various image data among other things in .rco back in the day. Ive got two PSPs, both at cfw3.90-3 with some dev tools. Ready and willing to help, PM or email me.

    Ive also got a pandora kickin around if I need to put myself on any other firmware version.


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    IanJ Guest
    Hey Boss. Me, my PSP and PS3's are standing by at the ready!

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    PS3Jews Guest
    I've been a long time reader, but never have had any input to post, just because I didn't feel like I could help. But this time is different...

    I have a Phat Original launch PSP with the latest CFW and have used RCO editor before to edit the XMB a bit. I also have my PSP set up so I can use remote play on it, and is linked to my console.

    I've also released a copy of beats via the decryptor as well.

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    labonte Guest
    hey all i also have a ps3 running fw 2.17 and 3 psp two with cfw 3.90-2 m33 and the other running 3.95 i would love to give back and help the dev's just say the word.

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    skrapps Guest
    i've got a ps3 with 3.30 in it and a psp-1000 with cfw 3.90 m33 in it, i'm a quick learner and good with detail and following instructions, if you need my assistance, im here

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