Update #3: Happy Easter!!! On this Easter Sunday HanSooloo has updated once again to v0.2.2 for PS3 DEVs. Changes include:
2007-04-08 0.2.2
> Removed the GNU MP library, as it seemed to be provide more data lengths and flexibility than what this program needed. Its performance impacts were not known either.
> All BIG variables (_b) have been converted to uint64_t types. I would like to thank r3pek on PS3News.com for pointing out the obvious about this change.
> HDD addresses are now output in capital hexadecimal notation.
Update #2: HanSooloo has updated to v0.2.1 (now capable of supporting large address spaces) in his ongoing PS3 HDD Contents thread. Also, courier has shared some pics of the PAL PS3 motherboard as part of the work he's doing in the ongoing PS3 Firmware thread. This is a hint of what's to come from him perhaps...

Update: naturesbane has initiated an interesting PS3 Firmware hypothesis tonight at PS3DEV.PS3News.com. Thus far we have 11 PS3 DEVs invited to the board for discussion via CJPC for those curious.

After several resident PS3 DEVs got together with CJPC on iRC EFNet #PS3News recently, it was decided that a seperate DEV-only (for posting) board was necessary to collaborate on while allowing non-DEVs to view their progress. With that being said, we have now opened our PlayStation 3 DEV Chat Forum (accessible directly: PS3DEV.PS3News.com)... and to kick things off Hansooloo has shared a preliminary PS3 HDD Contents analysis post there!

If you are a DEV'er/coder and wish to have POST/REPLY permission there as well, simply demonstrate your abilities in our other PS3 Forum sections and it won't be long before CJPC will issue you an INVITE to post on the PlayStation 3 DEV Chat Forum.

Finally, in our ongoing PS3 iSO Loader Progression [DEV Chat ONLY!] there is some interesting progress being made by Hackobell... be sure to check it out as well!

PSP Files: JSO And DAX Plug-In v1.3.0 For DevHook v0.46-0.52 For PSP, VideoPSpy For PSP, PSP Wake-On-LAN v2.0 For PSP, KeyCleaner v1.1 For PSP, PRXDecrypter v1.3 For PSP, MSMaster v2.05 Compact For PSP, SCEP CheatMaster v0.7 r1 Plug-In For PSP, SCEP CheatMaster v0.7 r2 Plug-In For PSP, CiSOPlus Converter v1.0.5 For PSP, USBon PRX Plug-In For 3.03 OE-C And 3.10 OE For PSP, USBon PRX Plug-In r1 For 3.03 OE-C And 3.10 OE For PSP, VSHelper PRX Plug-In For 3.03 OE-C And 3.10 OE For PSP, and PSPSIM: SAM Coupe Emulator v1.0.5 For PSP.