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    Unhappy PS3 Delayed Till 2007, 22 MONTHS after Xbox 360

    PS3 Delayed Till 2007, 22 MONTHS after Xbox 360
    Posted by Matt on 04 Nov 2005 - 12:51 | 2 comments Comments
    According to the BBC News coverage of Digital Life Expo in New York City, the PS3 launch date has been moved to 2007.

    At first, we here at GameSHOUT thought that this was pure speculation, or rumours. But, about 2 weeks ago, the BBC news was covering the Digital Life Expo at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. They stated that the PlayStation 3 launch date is 2007.

    The actual quote is, "By launching its new Xbox 360 22 months ahead of the PlayStation 3, it's hoping it'll be able to win over the minds and money of gamers", said BBC.

    However, maybe the BBC is taking this information from Xbox UK, Neil Thompson, who recently predicted the PS3 launch for Spring 2007 in Europe.

    Sony isn't saying anything about the launch for the PlayStation 3, in fact, they aren't standing by the Spring 2006 launch date.

    Now, if you think for a moment, are they talking about Spring 2007, or Holiday 2007? Why would Sony want to release a next-generation game console in the middle of Spring anyway? Why wouldn't they want to take advantage of the retail market, when cash spending is at its peak during the Holiday season?

    We thought all along that it never made sense why Sony is allowing Microsoft Xbox 360 to completely dominate the entire console market this Holiday season. But, it's happening, and it is true.

    Microsoft once again is running away with it.

    According to this BBC Video Xbox 360 will be out 22 Months before PS3

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    We've heard that news before, and why would anyone take information from an XBOX exec about the PS3....

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