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Thread: PS3 Controller Driver Available for Windows Vista

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    ps3hack Guest
    yeah, i already had the old one and it works pretty well

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    mitchy Guest
    yes, it does in xp at least.

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    dwashere Guest
    guys, a question.. after i connect my controller to the pc using the USB cable can i make it like ps3 too, meaning wireless? LOL if I can't nevermind. just asking.

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    Bastart Guest
    Thanks for this! Hope it will work on my PC

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    chrisw05 Guest
    Just registed and i already am loving all this stuff i can do with ma ps3. I found misc little hacks/mods goodling but this ps3 news seems to be the most up to date/ best collection of info. What one of theses drives works best for vista? I see there are diffrent ones you are all using and id prefer to get the best one first lol. The GF would probably like playing sims with a controler instead of a keyboard and mouse lol

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    Chavez91 Guest


    is it possible to control the mouse functions with the ps3 controller using the driver?

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    ernvil Guest
    This worked for me. It vibrates as well

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