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Thread: PS3 Consoles Taken from Dutch Homes, Seized PS3's Released

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    Actually, while I'm overly simplifying this, as there are rules and stipulations, technically if an unauthorized person shows up at your door (or property boundaries) and they have no warrant and proceed to trespass/steal YOUR property, you technically can shoot them as long as you give a warning of your intentions and shoot them while they are facing you (not in the back, or on the ground) and are not heading towards an exit.

    At least in the US. Again, it is a lot more technical, but you still have the right to defend yourself if you believe your life is in danger (or in this case my many gamer lives!!!)

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    snoekie Guest
    Apart from one non-dutch news source, there has been no news here in the netherlands about LG taking PS3s from citizens. It's not even possible legally, since in these cases Sony made the mistake by selling them. Sony should have licensed the technology.

    So this is misleading, it should say 'possibly taken'. Anyhow, the blockade is over.

    To xUb3rn00dlEx: Since we don't have the right to bear arms, as a militia (I know the amendement), we cannot legally own a gun to defend our homes. Also, killing a trespasser is not allowed in the Netherlands.

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    Deeluxe Guest
    Why don't they try to do something like this here (Bulgaria)? There will be dead people.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    I'm dutch as well and find this weird... So how exactly did they found out what home had a PlayStation 3?

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    SuperDre Guest
    It's complete BS about PS3's being taken from dutch homes, as no judge would ever give permission to get sold PS3's from people's home, and the reporter who wrote that should be fired for just making things up..

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    morrisz Guest
    That isn't too hard. When you go online with your ps3 much data including your ip address is sent to Sony. ip addresses here in holland are for the majority static which means they are tied to the homes from which they are used. They just need to obtain those addresses from Sony.

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    I agree that under any case in any country's jurisdiction the blame should fall on Sony and not the consumer. I do not know dutch law and therefor have learned something new from you today, thank you. I was speaking about the law in America, and even though I live in NYC (a very anti-gun toting city, thanks to an anal mayor) the right to bear arms and defend oneself still applies.

    I find it strange that in the Netherlands you are not allowed to own a gun. Do you mean any gun? Because in NYC, we cannot own assault rifles, but handguns and shotguns are all ok, and I believe there is an exception to CERTAIN semi-automatic weapons.

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