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Thread: PS3 Can Block Transfer of PSP / Other Game Titles to PS Vita

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    PS3 Can Block Transfer of PSP / Other Game Titles to PS Vita

    This weekend PlayStation Vita hacker Hellcat has discovered that when connected, the PS3 entertainment system downloads a list of content IDs from PSN and can actually block the transfer of PSP / Other game titles to Sony's PS Vita handheld console.

    To quote: "The PS3 offers the very convenient option of downloading PSP content from the PSN store, store it on the local hard drive to later be transferred to a PSP or a PS Vita.

    And here comes the catch: When you connect a PS Vita to the PS3 via Content Manager and use the function to transfer “Applications (PSP/Other) downloaded to the PS3 system” to the PS Vita, while the “Please wait” is shown on the PS Vita and before the PS3 sends the list of available titles, it fetches a list from PSN servers and crosschecks the local content against this list and only offers those titles to be transferred that are not “blocked” by said list.

    I don’t know if it is a blacklist or a whitelist, and it’s encrypted, but it is used to hide or block out titles from being transferred to the PS Vita!

    So, for example:

    You downloaded MotorStorm Arctic Edge in time to your PS3 and also successfully transferred it to the PS Vita and did not delete it from the PS3.

    If you now (that it was used for an exploit) try to transfer it again, you would not be able to. The PS Vita will not see the title.

    These are the files fetched by the PS3 for said list:

    The PC version of CMA might do similar things, and if it’s actually a whitelist, OpenCMA wouldn’t help here."

    [imglink=|PS3 Can Block Transfer of PSP / Other Game Titles to PS Vita][/imglink]
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    Ezio Guest
    Hmm, it seems an interesting news about communication between Ps3 and PsVita ...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Big brother all over again - that's why all those DRM ridden remotely watched and controlled systems are so bad. Look at Kindle having books remotely removed by Amazon or iPhone / iPad apps by Apple etc. So who does own the HW and SW here? What we're actually paying our money for - "RENTING"??

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    Brenza Guest
    damn sony...

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    moja Guest
    This made me smile.. what a beautiful train wreck building up.

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    NTA Guest
    What the heck

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    adoptedmfr Guest
    i'll pass the info along to my boss, thx

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    croft72 Guest
    As before, it seems like another situation about digital downloaded content control from Sony again. Its sad to imagine that even when you fully purchase a download of something from Sony you have to question if you truly own that digital downloaded game/content or not. (....and thats whether you are a Playstation Plus or standard PSN member.)

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