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Thread: PS3 BioShock Box Art Sports Home Logo

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    PS3 BioShock Box Art Sports Home Logo

    Update: The Official Web site of Digital Extremes, better known as the developer who brought us Dark Sector but who are also helping in the BioShock port, displays the very same box art. This must at least be confirmation that Home will be out before BioShock releases in October.

    On Monday, SpikeTV are set to reveal BioShock PS3 goodness, making us unconventionally excited about what most would call a "port." But hey, one of last year's most critically acclaimed games is meeting an entirely new audience. A glance at the box art reveals another reason for PS3 owners to get excited.

    On his very own blog, Geoff Keighly hints at what will be in store for BioShock fans this Monday;

    Another game set to debut on the show is BioShock PLAYSTATION 3. Now I know what you're thinking...'why are you guys making a big deal out of a port?' Well I can't spoil the surprise just yet, but let me tell you there is way more to this game than you might think. There have been hints about some "exclusive features" in the game and on Monday night I'll finally reveal the details on Spike - and of course show you the first real gameplay footage from the PS3 version.

    So what could this exclusive content be? For a start we know the game will support trophies, since 2k Games were one of the first developers to add the feature into their game. You can read all about the process over at their official Web site.

    However, when we visit the website of UK retailer Game we can spy BioShock's supposed official box art:

    What's wrong with this picture? Apart from the Ripten watermark, you should notice the Home logo, suggesting BioShock has even more tricks up its sleeve.

    The first PS3 box to sport this logo could be a sign of something special, or it could just suggest that BioShock will suport game launching from within Sony's virtual world. Speculate away...

    [imglink=|PS3 BioShock Box Art Sports Home Logo][/imglink]

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    i really cant wait for this game, its going to look so much better on the ps3, the garbagebox 360 has nothing on this and bioshock should of came out on the ps3 to begin with, see how all the good games that came out on the 360 are coming to the ps3... the 360 is done.

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