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    PS3 beat by brazilian, playing DMC4 HDD installed?

    another giant ship sink today.. for those not fluent in portuguese, this guy Weber do Carmo created a software that transforms a ISO into a PKG and then its sent to the ps3 via ps3proxy. translation:
    "Hi guys!"

    "I have already Downloaded the Devil may Cry ISO"

    "I have unpacked it"

    "I ll show to you the file structure" (thats when he turns the camera to the pc)

    "I dont know if you guys can see but here are the files from the game"

    "Theres are some files here called system.cnf (WTF only ps2 games have this file system so this must be only for ps2 games) part1.pak, mc2s1.prx, there is a big file here with 4gigs, so here is the file structure of our game."

    "What i am going to do know is open my little program (wich i created) and its the program to generate the key", "The first thing i am going to do is generate a key" (that is when he clicks on button in the prog) "now i am using this key to sign the file and automaticly creates the pkg file"

    "So i am showing it to you now its in desktop/devil may cry/ and i ll call it DMC automaticly the file will be created..." "lets wait a bcs its compiling" he says its going to take about 15 seconds (how can that be possible its a 4gig file???)

    "once its finished i am going to show it to you" "Ahh! the key was created I dont know if you guys can see" (he then highlits the key in his program)

    "I am going to close my program now and i will open my devil may cry folder, and here it is big file name with lots of random numbers and letters." (now he uses the proxy program everyone knows to transfere the file to the ps3) "Now i am going to put my IP in here let me see whats my ip.... now i will start the program"

    (Then he grabs the laptop and gets the chair in front of the tv, then says its downloading the file from the pc)," i am showing also there is no tricky stuff here there is no game inside the ps3 there is no game showing in the XMB, as you can see we are transfering the game to the ps3."

    "But now to show you that i am not tricking you i am showing the ps3 there is no game inside as you can see the drive led is not on, as you can see there is no cd in the drive..."
    "this is the router that is recieving from my laptop and then sending to my ps3, through this cable here i dont know if you can see, here is my External disk drive and you can see that the led is on,
    once again i am showing that there is no disk inside".

    "Ok guys I am going to pause the video now, while its transfering because if i don't pause it the video is going to be huge then its going to be hard to send it to youtube."

    Some time later...

    "Ok guys i am back with my video, we will have to wait a little while for the download to finish its 90% now, i would like to show you that there is no Cd in the drive" (he then grabs the camera and show us)
    "now i am putting a cd inside, Virtua fighter, see the led is on, now removing it the led is off, so you guys wont say that i covered the led with tape or anything...."

    "Back on the TV the the game is almost done, i am showing now there is no other Ps3 around".

    2nd Video

    "Ok know iam pressing it now lets see what happens? its taking a while now its saying that i need to install it lets do it! lets wait its going to take a while ."

    some time later...

    "its in 10% but i remembered something, there were guys sayin that i had another ps3" (he grabs the camera again and takes it to the ps3)

    "this is the cable the drive light is off, just a second cause i am tilting the TV so you guys can see the led is still off so there is no cd in the drive"

    "now i am removing the HDMI cable to show you this is the ps3 that the game is being installed as you can see there is no image, now i am reconecting the hdmi cable there is Image again, i dont have any cd in the drive and there is no Devil may cry to buy for the psn"

    (Now he shows the dog its called fred LOL)

    "I am pausing the video again cause its takin a lot of time and i will be back when its 99%"

    some time later...

    "I was a little bit late... but as you can see the game is installed, i am pressing ok, now creating a new save, and the game is running as you can see the game is working... i will show it again there is no other ps3 around as you can see there is no disk i am removing the cable again
    as you can see there is no image i m putting it back now there is image again... there is no game as you can see, let me grab the game pad" (now he shows some game play)

    "this video will be longer just to show i am not faking anithing and to show you idiots that a brazilian guy can hack..."

    (then he show us the gameplay)

    (now he is going to show us again removes the cable there is no image there is no disk in the drive also)

    "Now i am quitting game i think i have proven myself I really did it, i unlocked the ps3 without damaging it or without modifying the firmware...." "I tricked the machine and the game into thinking that i am installing a demo so i hope there will be no one saying that i am faking"

    "Thank you evryone and thanks for watching"

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    LOL @ turning an ISO into a PKG and running it from the HDD

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    Grainy dodgy cam on 1st video
    2nd video removed by user

    video 2 is up again in his profile

    However given that the publisher is a very good photographer i find it hard to believe that this is not fake

    Plus why remove the video cache on google from youtube on downloading videos with safari....

    OK. So why doesn't he release the program or put the "PKG" up? If he is genuine then he has won the race. Put up a paypal account and I'm sure he'll get some reward for his trouble.

    IF he has acheived this then homebrew created on dev units should be able to be signed using the same method.

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    The "PKG Loader" is fake due to these reasons (among others):
    • System.cnf and PRX's in a PS3 Game - NEVER!
    • PRX's will never ever run inside a PS3, period! Has to be a SPRX!
    • When installing a package, that install screen looks nothing like a PKG install screen, we ALL know that.
    • Was clearly game installer screen for "extra data"
    • Guy moved camera to a Cross, came back and the XMB position moved - He clearly used a friend to insert the disc and hit a switch
    • Switch disables exterior BD light
    • Code is garbage for PKG handling!
    • NO crypto routines in the code
    • This Code opens a window with a fixed title, you hit a button it says hello - that is ALL
    • The windowing code is done via GTK, which runs on quite a few OS's
    • Any SELF's inside PKG's need to be signed for a PKG, with Sony's true private key
    • Due to the above alone, the copy off an ISO will not work
    • Furthermore, EVERY PS3 release has a 2nd layer of disc encryption, so he cant even get as far as having a valid SELF!
    • Even with a valid self, the PS3 refuses to run it since the decryption routine requires the self run from BD-ROM
    • Hell, even on a PS3 TEST you cant run an ISO yet, due to the multiple layers of encryption
    • Not to mention that most new games have media checks, which wont run WITHOUT having a disc in the drive!

    So he managed to overcome all of this? I think not.

    And by the way, put on a damn shirt, no one wants to see your hairy ass chest!

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