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    PS3 AntiVirus Available FREE for a Limited Time from Trend Micro

    Trend Micro has been a leader in Anti-Virus services for quite some time, and now they offer there services for the PlayStation 3 Web browser.

    With the latest update of PS3 Firmware 2.70, Trend Micro is offering a trial service for the PlayStation 3 Web browser in two varieties.

    To quote: The first of which is a Web filter, which will help you filter out adult content and spam to keep your children safe on the web. The filter will remove images and search results of innappropriate matter as well as block known Web sites that contain adult content and illegal matter.

    The second is a privacy lock, that helps protect your personal data such as email addresses, passwords and credit card information from falling into the wrong hands. The filter also eliminates most spoof sites of your favorite web destinations, like Paypal knockoffs and Ebay shams.

    While security on the PlayStation 3 has never been an issue, it is nice to know that a company is stepping up to offer services to the unique platform, providing an added peace of mind to an ever-growing market.

    While Trend Micro originally added this feature in 2007 with Firmware 2.0, it is now readily available through the browser menu, for fast and easy access.

    The software is currently available for free for a limited time, while Trend Micro works out the kinks. To take advantage of this offer, open your PlayStation 3's web browser, hit Triangle on your controller, and scroll down to 'Browser Security'. Click on the 'Trend Micro for PS3' link and follow the instructions.

    That's about it. We'll keep you posted on new services as they come available.

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    sorceror Guest
    The PS3 is a quite usable browser for when my wife's got the computer, especially with the keypad, but... I just can't imagine shopping with it.

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    XxdeathxX Guest


    I do quite a bit of shopping on my playstation system on AMAZON and other well known and secure websites. i will purchase this just incase of something thanks for the information.

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    csmcdem Guest
    The ps3 is great for games and movies, but I'd rather use a pc for shopping/browsing the web, but it's still a cool idea.

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