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    PS3 Square Button

    Article here :
    dont know if this has been posted before.

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    seems about right 600 usa dollars for ps3 thats what i think it will be bluray player is 1000 usa why not just get hddvd for 500 dollars same picture just not as much space the poor will not be buying a ps3 anytime soon.

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    The one thing everyone needs to remember is that Europe is know to pay much more than North America when it comes to consumer electronics. If everything goes as it has in the past I'm guessing $399 -> $499 USD. If Sony does sell higher then my estimate I think XBOX360 will take over the console market. As much as I hate XBOX I think people would buy their system just because it is cheaper than PS3. A lot of the times price is the deciding factor of a winning product. So I'll end this post by saying lets not get all excited about this yet and just wait till E3 for more details from Sony.

    That's All Folks!


    SCEA posted a statment on their forums about the recent price:
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCEA
    At this time, there has not been any official announcements on pricing for PlayStation 3.
    Well, duh. Gamespot already said some Euro exec let it slip. The GS article did make a very good point though, that REALLY expensive consoles have been doomed to failure in the past (Thinking Neo Geo, 3D0, and TG-16). Sony will probably go for $400 to be competitive with the already well established XB360.

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    Sony Responds To $500 PS3 Price Tag Info Slip.

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