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Thread: PS3 3D Firmware Updates to Bring 3D Movie and Photo Support

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    PS3 3D Firmware Updates to Bring 3D Movie and Photo Support

    In a recent interview with CVG, SCEE's Mick Hocking confirmed previous reports that 3D Blu-ray movie support will indeed be coming to the PlayStation 3 this year along with support for 3D Photos via two PS3 3D Firmware updates.

    The first PlayStation 3 3D Firmware update will arrive in September, while the second doesn't have a date set yet.

    To quote: "In September this year, we're launching another Firmware upgrade - and this one is going to upgrade the PS3 to support Blu-ray movies in 3D," said Hocking.

    "Again, you won't have to do anything - just connect your PS3. For the film market that's a very significant event. Then later in the year - we're not going to date it yet - the PS3 is going to support 3D photos.

    Of course the popularity of 3D isn't just going to come from movies and games. There's 3D cameras on the market, there's 3D camcorders coming on the market in the next 12 months as well, and 3D broadcasts."

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    kablooey Guest
    What a pile of crap these updates are.

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    danzorezno Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kablooey View Post
    What a pile of crap these updates are.
    I agree, 3D is no good, as cool as the idea seemed when they were first mentioning for games and movies it was a serious dissapointment when it hit cinema's, I know the 3D tech might not be the same as say, watching Avatar, but if its anything like it, it will turn out terrible.

    Its way too early for 3D i think, and until they fix it properly so you feel like you are surrounded by the gaming environment, i say, keep it to themselves.

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    Jes03 Guest
    3D didn't work so many years ago when it first came out so why would it work now?

    It's just a gimmic for the rich who can afford the latest stuff.

    Have you seen all the restrictions for 3D? Why even bother? It looks like only 5% of the whole world population can actually watch 3D anyway without problems.

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    LNRrgB Guest

    what you don't get

    The part you do not understand comes when you finally get 3D working, after hours of tinkering with whatever hardware you have. The real trouble with 3D has been the difficulty in getting everything in sync. Hopefully that is all about to change, and no one will have to endure the steep tech curve that 3D enthusiasts have been battling for years. 3D did not catch on because 95% of those who tried, never got to see 3D while eveything was in harmony.

    I remember the first time I got my ducks all in a row, and I was in tears of joy! Seeing the 3D didn't bring on the tears, it was overcoming all the obstacles. I can say one thing though, working 3D is much like getting your first large monitor... you can never go back to a tiny 13" screen.

    3D will be a trap of sorts, for many of you. Once you see it, and play your fav game with depth, and things popping out at you.... well you can try going back to standard 2D gaming after that, but it will be like going back to a 12" B/W monitor. Especially if your first taste is on some huge 60"+ screen!

    Though you might have an edge, as you didn't have struggle for ages trying to get everything to play nice. How many of you care to cook on a stove, and not pop things in the microwave? You can do it, if you have the need. Maybe you could go back to 2D displays.... I know I can't/won't.

    but I had the tears of joy... and you won't.

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    LiquidXed Guest
    It be nice if they would worry about an update that we all want and need, not 3D, who has a friggin 3d tv. Not me! where is all the other update, christ it be nice to have netflix on the system, instead of the friggin disc. there is all kinds of things they can update. sony ain't stupid, but they think we are. they just want us to go out and buy there new sony 3d tv.

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    swolern Guest
    I agree with you LNRrg8 the new 3DTVS are simply mind blowing when viewing media/games that are produced correctly. I am just an average guy that is one of the few lucky early adopters that own a 3dtv and I believe that it is even a bigger leap than from SD to HD.

    It does help that I have, in my opinion, the best 3DTV out there the Panny VT25. I can see some people's frustration with 3dtv because if you tried to save a couple of bucks and went with one of the reduced priced LCD/LED 3dtv that have alot of flicker effect and ghosting image that produce headaches.

    These lower class 3dtv definately dont help the 3D movement. So hopefully companies can produce some TVs that have smoother 3D images like panasonic so we can hurry and get some more 3D content(especially ps3 games), which i am starving for, because you are right once you experience well produced hair-raising 3D its extremely hard to go back.

    Oh and in Sony's defense their 3D LCD TV's produce the best 3D quality of any of the LCD 3DTVs that I compared.

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