Update: Our friends at www.ProGamer.cc let us know tonight of a sale they are running for the next two weeks on PSP Pro Duo Memory Sticks as follows: 2GB Pro Duo MS is now only $57.50 each (were $61), and 4GB Pro Duo MS is now only $110.00 each (were $116.95). Also, wholesale pricing is even lower, so feel free to contact them HERE if you're seeking larger quantities.

In PS3 news tonight, tworkemon let us know in THIS Forum thread of WiiMote For PS3 And Linux and we also have a brief Gentoo Linux On PS3 Install Guide available now.

To quote from IGN.com:
December 15, 2006 - Sony Computer Entertainment today released a small update for the PlayStation 3 that allows PlayStation 2 games to store cache data on the hard disc drive, like Final Fantasy XI or the SOCOM map pack. Rather than a regular system update that would up your firmware version number, the update is a standalone package available on the PlayStation Store.

The update runs nearly 7MB in size and basically looks to create a virtual space for PS2 hard drive support. PS2 games that can use, or in the case of Final Fantasy XI, require the hard drive will simply prompt you to save the data as per normal. On the PlayStation 3, this data chunk is listed under the Game Data Utility like any other cache information would be, though it's all stored in a single piece of data.

So for those of you who want to try out FFXI on the PlayStation 3, now's your chance.