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    I have a few questions. I just want to confirm this, I don't need to buy anything to make back ups work on ps3, all I need is an original ps2 disc and I can boot backups?

    How big is the chance of bricking the console while doing this? Is it hard to open the ps3? And are there any detailed tutorials on how to do it?

    And I only have final fantasy xii, will it boot games such as GoW, GoW 2, killzone, SoC?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nex111 View Post
    Is it hard to open the ps3? And are there any detailed tutorials on how to do it?
    The Tutorial and Video is right in this very thread... did you search at all? :??

    Here they are: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/playst...tml#post191769

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    I meant without installing the switch. I want to try the 5 minutes wait til the laser stops and then switch the disc. (if I got that right?)

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    That still details you how to open the PS3 though, just don't install the switch. Also, you can check the PS3 Tutorials section for a tear-down guide too.

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    Thanks but I need to know what to do after I take apart the ps3 and BR drive. Do I manually remove the disc after it stops spinning? (like I don't press anything for it to come out but just take the disc out)

    After that, do I just insert the back up and play? Is that all? Also, by manually removing the disc while having an open ps3 on, is there a chance that the electricity will hit me?

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    Ya, I am only answering the part of your question quoted above... where to find Tutorials/Videos on how to take apart the PS3. You'll have to read the rest of the thread and wait for others to reply for answers to your remaining questions... or just do what most people do- experiment on your own a bit.

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    Could someone just tell me then where this Magnet is, and do I hurt the BR drive if I push it down (the magnet)?

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    The magnet is under the white plastic disc.. just like it's been for 7+ years on the PS2 console. I attached a picture below to help you... just lift that white disc up and look. I'm sure any tampering/modification isn't 'good' for the BR drive... so just be careful and you should be fine.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    This is hacking at its best! :P

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    Is there any way to remove those small screws from the BR drive you you don't have the screwdriver for it?

    What size do I need to open the br drive? Is it T15?

    Would just like to update and say I finally did it!

    I have one prob though, I can get KH backup to run but not Killzone, might be because I use FFXII original to boot them so I guess I need to buy DMC as suggested.

    But anyways, everything is looking good and I'm happy
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