Update: In Wii news today, Rawdump Wii Disc Dumper ([color=#ffcc00]Archive Updated- See Below!) has just been released! Although the process is time-consuming, if you own an LG-8164b, LG-8163b, LG-8162b, or possibly even other Hitachi drives you can now dump your own Nintendo Wii discs on your PC! For additional details check out our Rawdump Wii Disc Dumper released! Forum thread!

We have [color=#ffcc00]updated the archive which now contains the original Rawdump, Rawdump2, and Rawdump3, and the changelog is as follows:

Rawdump3: Another new version with some minor bug fixes: Unscrambler started when application was closed and Buttons were clickable when checking image.

Rawdump2: This version lets you continue a dump after you have stopped an unfinished job and it also checks if dvdinfo is doing it's job.

Rawdump: Initial Release
ps3xpl0it has let us know tonight in THIS post of our PlayStation 3 Chat Forum thread that PS2 Back-Ups are indeed playable on the PS3! To quote from his post:
First take the torx bolt out slide the face plate off and remove few phillips screws. Take the metal cover off the top of the bd drive. Then remove the top plastic cover and unplug the sensor. Secure it down with a couple screws. Then cut a circle (with a plastic cutting saw bit) on the top cover. Your face plate now slides back over to allow swapping and still keeping the PS3 looking clean.

Boot the PS2 DVD and wait for it to load. Now hold the PS button and quit the game. Slide your cover back and push down on the disk secure magnet. It will stop the laser, but not the spinning. swap disks and press circle(jp) X to boot your backup.

Tested with 1.10 firmware, swap magic confirmed unplayable with 1.31, but this exploit is unconfirmed with that version of firmware. Swapmagic is only needed for PAL conversion and CD backups.
Below is a picture and video of this in action for those interested- anyone remember the LH Swap Method for PS2? HEHE cool news indeed!


In related PS3 news, vkr95 has shared with us a handy Transfer PS3 iSOs from External HDD to PC Tutorial today!

PSP Files: CWCheat v0.1.6 Rev G (Official) For 3.03 OE-B POPS For PSP, VSH Rebooter PRX Mod v0.1 For PSP, USBHostFS Driver Fix For PSP TA-082-86, GoldWave AT3 Looping Tool v1.0 For PSP, TA-082 Downgrader And HenD For 2.80 For PSP, and PSP7800 (Atari 7800 Emulator) v1.0.2 For PSP.