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    hunter316 Guest

    PS Home Manager: PS3 Firmware 2.5, Home 1.0 in October

    A PlayStation Home BETA participant with access to a restricted PlayStation Forums thread has passed along a potential release month -- October -- for the next major PlayStation 3 firmware update (v2.50), PS3 Fanboy reports.

    The date was suggested by Home manager "TedTheDog" who clarified, "late October is my guess." The update will supposedly include a bug fix for freezing and network errors currently affecting Home users.

    Ted (just "Ted" is okay, right?) also hints that Home v1.00 could coincide with firmware v2.50's release -- Home is currently at v0.98.

    Common sense, while not always a part of Sony's repertoire, tells us that Home 1.0 is the version that goes public -- we'll see. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    AhmadkaX2 Guest
    All this seems like good news, but I don't think they are anything more than rumors or hunches as of now ... personally, I dont think Home would be launched before late november ... October sounds a bit too good to be true

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    supagene Guest


    My guess is that they will make sure to release it before the Christmas buying season which usually starts right after Halloween.

  4. #4
    asandhu Guest
    Yea, definatley before Christmas as maybe just another reason to buy.

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    sheffie9 Guest
    I've been waiting for Home for a long time. It's really going to take ps3 to the next level.

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    Reflecter Guest
    In October it goes public? That's fine. I've been waiting for it since i have a PS3.

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    Kengro Guest
    I hope Home is not a part of the 2.5 download, i don't want Home so i see no reason to fill up my already full hdd with something i won't use.

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    luilui812 Guest
    wow, it really is ridiculous on how long Home was postponed. I've had my ps3 since it came out and im still waiting, i hope its not dissapointing.

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    zaror1992 Guest
    I've been waiting for Home, the BETA is good but it have a lot of bugs. I will read about the new firmware!! hope it comes soon

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